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(BBC)   While you spend the day coding PERL or being a sandwich artist, these dudes in India are spending their day hunting a massive man-eating tiger. And they're so hardcore, they're not even carrying bullets for their guns   ( divider line
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2013-12-04 11:51:27 AM  
A tiger? In... oh... :(
2013-12-04 11:51:35 AM  
Don't hurt kitty.
2013-12-04 11:52:37 AM  
$_ =~ s/ERL/erl/
2013-12-04 11:52:49 AM  
What's PERL? I know Perl pretty well, but I've never heard of PERL.
2013-12-04 11:53:56 AM  
I said where the buffalo roam, not where the tigers are stalking

/got nutin'
2013-12-04 11:54:44 AM  

Cosmic Cowboy: $_ =~ s/ERL/erl/

$_ ~= s/ERL/erl;

2013-12-04 11:58:42 AM  
Andersen-Wheeler .500 Nitro Express

This is why the franchise keeps going on. Not stupid enough to hunt kitty with just bubble gum and brush beaters.

jamesbondlifestyle.comView Full Size
2013-12-04 12:00:32 PM  
Can't blame the tiger for liking Indian food.
2013-12-04 12:03:45 PM  
Trick them into chasing each other around a tree and they will melt into a big pool of butter!
2013-12-04 12:17:57 PM  
Tigers don't go out on rainy nights
They've no need to wet their appetites

Hunting Tigers out in Indiah
out in
out in
out in Indiah!  YAH!
2013-12-04 12:22:32 PM  
tailgate365.comView Full Size
2013-12-04 12:26:16 PM  
i70.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-12-04 12:29:33 PM  
"The villagers also want a permanent solution to the man-animal conflict in the region."



dryknife: Trick them into chasing each other around a tree and they will melt into a big pool of butter!

2013-12-04 12:42:45 PM  
As a massive man, I approve of their efforts.
2013-12-04 12:48:35 PM  
Wow.  Even Barney Fife got ONE bullet...
2013-12-04 01:25:49 PM  

Cosmic Cowboy: $_ =~ s/ERL/erl/

Thank you.
2013-12-04 01:31:18 PM  
Cosmic Cowboy: Cosmic Cowboy: $_ =~ s/ERL/erl/

$_ ~= s/ERL/erl;

Now you're missing the closing slash.

# A lot of my perl work involved processing directories, so I got tired of escaping slashes and now I do s[][]; by default

2013-12-04 02:08:02 PM  
When questioned about their hobby, their mommy butted in, "Not when he looks so fierce!  If looks could kill, it would have been us instead of him."
2013-12-04 03:14:42 PM  

mizchief: What sort of Sadist still uses Perl?

2013-12-04 04:20:53 PM  
Nothing to worry about, probably just a virus.
2013-12-04 10:04:59 PM  
I used to know a guy who bow hunted  bear every year. I'd figure the bear had a one in ten chance, or better, of winning. I'm sure it was an intense experience but the guy unquestionably had a few loose screws.
2013-12-05 02:48:38 AM  

dryknife: Trick them into chasing each other around a tree and they will melt into a big pool of butter!


Back when I left grad school in the early Seventies, I got a friend to help me move out of my college apartment.  After we got the truck loaded up, we went out drinking and then to a Sambo's restaurant for coffee and pancakes to try to sober up enough to drive back.

Unfortunately, we also decided to give the waitress shiat over the wall illustrations taken from the book.  Stuff like how could she work in such a racist establishment and such.  Yeah, we were young, drunk and stupid.  However, what really freaked her out was that my friend was a dead ringer for John Denver.  She was convinced the guy was really John Denver and was just crushed that he was such a drunken asshole.
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