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(Washington Post)   Travelers delayed at airports more likely to get drunk   ( ) divider line
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2288 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Dec 2001 at 4:36 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-05 04:37:41 PM  
Rock lobster!

2001-12-05 04:40:22 PM  
Duh. More likely to fall asleep, more likely to buy John Grisham novels, etc.
2001-12-05 04:41:11 PM  
the tag says it all

but at least the terrorists haven't won
2001-12-05 04:41:16 PM  
Why limit ourselves to airline delays?
2001-12-05 04:41:27 PM  
Yep, Had to spend 8 hours waiting one time... I'm surprised they let me on the plane after spending 150.00 in the bar. I just slept though, didn't attack anyone.
2001-12-05 04:43:55 PM  
what the fark is an airpot

2001-12-05 04:45:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available] Farkers sitting in front of computers more likely to fark
2001-12-05 04:45:45 PM  
That's where they airlift in the stony goodness to you!
2001-12-05 04:45:55 PM can get all of your Christmas shopping done. "Look little Johnny, here's a keychain with an airplane on it! And look here, for your dad... well, it's a keychain with an airplane on it!... and for mom...."
2001-12-05 04:47:16 PM  
Rabbito- This has been a banner day for poor headline spelling. Well, two headlines anyway. It's a start.
2001-12-05 04:48:58 PM  
Damn, those airport bars are a little too steep for my taste.
2001-12-05 04:50:13 PM  
2001-12-05 04:52:02 PM  
Doctor: Ahhh yes, now I remember
Funkychuck: What I love most about that is that the articles are not (in my opinion) as good as the ones I submitted today, oh well

2001-12-05 04:52:43 PM  
Bass555: Jesus would get drunk and attack people he thinks are Judas. Duh.
2001-12-05 04:57:05 PM  
Madcharlie: Oh, yes...I have a short-term memory because I was hanging out with Logan Airport secuirty guards drinking away the afternoon
2001-12-05 04:58:04 PM  
I am proof positive that headline is true. When I realized my plane was late, i looked at all the people waiting in the fast food seating area. I then gave thanks that I am of age to go and drink beer. Because right next door was the Woodford Reserve Lounge. There is nothing better than pulling up a bar stool at a fine Oak bar. It made me feel better than those poor bastards slurping Pepsi......Aaaahhhh
2001-12-05 04:58:45 PM  
People bored at work are more likely to keep coming back to post stipud self centered opinions on

bored at work =
loser at home =

happy joy joy at work =!
happy joy joy at home =!
2001-12-05 04:58:51 PM  
For the bars behind airport security checkpoints, the rebound has come without the help of customers who greet and send off passengers. Only those with tickets in hand are allowed access to airport concourses.

One of my favorites is Ft Lauderdale Delta. They have a bar on both sides of the security gate, so you can drink before and after getting strip searched.
2001-12-05 04:58:58 PM  
I will never ever get drunk on a plain again after a particularly harrowing approach to Kuwait airport one time.. man did I ever reprocess that lamb cutlet lunch. Whoah. Heavy drinking + crap airline food + farkin' turbulence = vommity-wommity-woo
2001-12-05 04:59:20 PM  
A collateral benefit of this boozing is that it should make it easier for Sky Marshalls to ID potential (Islamic) terrorists -- they'll be the sober ones.
2001-12-05 05:00:02 PM  
I know I am more likely to break down and by that 7 dollar cheeseburger but thats just me.
2001-12-05 05:00:23 PM  
OPS (Overpaid Salcker, love that tag), now that was funny !!
2001-12-05 05:00:54 PM  
Damn that was a long article. The whole thing could have been written in three sentences. The Post must be short on news.
2001-12-05 05:01:05 PM  
damn fat fingers .s/salcker/slacker
2001-12-05 05:01:09 PM  
should be:




I blame this all on bored at work.
2001-12-05 05:01:10 PM  
Rock Lobster?
2001-12-05 05:01:59 PM  
51 - Exactly!! I would have dropped some SERIOUS cash at O'Hare if they would have let me wait with my girlfriends leaving for Thanksgiving break. They had a several hour wait and we could have done some damage at the bar - but because I had to ticket, no entry.
2001-12-05 05:04:55 PM  
I thought you could only get "airpots" in Amsterdam...
2001-12-05 05:10:09 PM  
one of the best airport bars to get sloshed in is across from gate B4 in atlanta. the vendor is required to card everyone that orders a drink. it's great to sit there and watch the bartender ask 60 and 70 year ceo-types for their IDs... and the cursing that usually follows...
2001-12-05 05:12:43 PM  
I'd rather buy cheap wine, get drunk at home. And by the way, I'm back! I was one of the many cut off by AT&T on Saturday. I'm back! Yay!
2001-12-05 05:14:10 PM  
That settles it, I'm not farking at home anymore. At least not this kind of farking.
2001-12-05 05:16:10 PM  
Oldmildog - They do that in O'Hare too, now.
2001-12-05 05:17:46 PM  
This is also known as the Peter Buck Principle.
2001-12-05 05:24:50 PM  
I know I do.
2001-12-05 05:25:01 PM  
Morticia: welcome back, happened to me too

2001-12-05 05:25:19 PM  
Wow passangers down 28% bar sales up 8% pretty scary but as a frequent biz traveller I must say that with the idea in the back of your head that you may not land after you get on that plane (as unlikley as I know it is) I need a stiff drink... I do however think that since the new security measures cause us to wait longer they should reduce the markup on the drinks...
2001-12-05 05:35:09 PM  
Crill - Awesome - good one!

Morticia/Rabb - welcome back
2001-12-05 05:39:02 PM  
I'll be drinking when I fly later this month. I want to be happily drunk when the plane crashes. Not screaming like the other passengers.
2001-12-05 05:41:26 PM  
I can almost see how this makes sense. If you're gonna get hijakced on an airplane and get killed wouldn't you want to be drunk in the process?
It will be a matter of time before dealers hideout 50 feet away from the terminal sellin their stash.
and like AllYourBase said....the terrorists haven't won at least.
2001-12-05 05:46:07 PM  
thanks for the props ihaveanitch
(plz note my posts in the ACLU photoshop contest)
2001-12-05 05:49:03 PM  
hand me a farking coors bar biatch
2001-12-05 05:55:14 PM  
We got my jackass friend sooo drunk during his extended stay at the airport(because of a delayed flight) that the evil hobag stewardess refused to let him on. My jackass friend promptly responded by turning a quick 180 and bent over ever so slightly. What came forth from his balloon knot was loudest smelliest fart I have ever bared witness to. It formed a green cloud of stench which enveloped the BiAtcH..good times.
2001-12-05 05:57:23 PM  
The terrorists have already lost.

and completely unrelated:

"HMS Host, a Bethesda-based company that manages food, drink and retail services at 65 domestic airports..."

I've seen it all. A food, drink, and retail company actually based INSIDE of a video game company.
2001-12-05 06:01:59 PM  
Sobriety takes all the fun out of flying
2001-12-05 06:07:07 PM  
drunks delayed in pubs likely to get drunk. i'm missing the point.....
2001-12-05 06:07:30 PM  
Here's hoping DrDave is not a commercial pilot.
2001-12-05 06:12:42 PM  

2001-12-05 06:37:19 PM  
See!!! What the hell do the christians know. Nothing!! Drinking is good, and it stimulates the...well, economy among other things.
2001-12-05 06:44:00 PM  
Leaving Friday morning for Miami and then on to the Caymen Islands.........plan on drinking during my layover and on the beach for a week! :O
2001-12-05 06:55:06 PM  
i ordered a beer at an airport bar and they handed me a friggin bucket full of beer! so i drank it and ordered another. then i drank my wife's beer too.

what goes best with codiene, beer or wine?
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