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(Columbia Daily Herald)   If you thought your family's Thanksgiving melee was bad, at least you didn't have a mobile home fight to the death knifey-gun style over your late father-in-law's 30-year old shoes   ( divider line
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2013-11-30 09:10:08 PM  
Shows how much you know about my Thanksgiving.
2013-11-30 10:19:38 PM  
They ain't got no soles, then.
2013-11-30 10:21:19 PM  
'Tis the Season

murverse.comView Full Size
2013-11-30 10:22:01 PM  

"Nice dinner, huh?"
"Can you see the TV OK?"
Your feet nice and toasty?"
*grabs knife*
[cue "Psycho" shower scene music]
"Happy Holidays, you miserable coont."

Remember folks, some broads are real headcases this time of year.
Be careful out there.
2013-11-30 10:22:33 PM  
This is why God send tornadoes into trailer parks
2013-11-30 10:24:32 PM  
Says you.

Nabb1: Shows how much you know about my Thanksgiving.

2013-11-30 10:29:25 PM  
I feel better about my "christmas story" thanksgiving dinner now.
2013-11-30 10:39:53 PM  
Sounds like nothing of value was lost.
2013-11-30 10:42:59 PM  
Those must have been nice shoes to be a stabbin/shootin' over.

My faith in handguns have been restored from the previous thread.
2013-11-30 10:43:21 PM  
Hmm... I got nuthin'.
2013-11-30 10:57:30 PM  
Insert Clarke Griswold white shoes
2013-11-30 11:00:30 PM  
Helpful pic of the shoes in question:

img.fark.netView Full Size
2013-11-30 11:09:28 PM  
A dozen times over the past year that cops came for a domestic disturbance
Yet, at no time did an officer ask about weapons in the home, such as the .22 Magnum sittin on the floor, next to old dads favorite chair?

And what's with the cinder block wall in front of this otherwise fine looking home?
Is it to seperate the grass and leaves from the dirt and leaves?
2013-11-30 11:15:31 PM  
I know who could play the couple in the movie..

I can see it now...

 The Man With One Dead Shoe

The wife : P.J. Soles
The Husband : David Soul
2013-11-30 11:16:07 PM  
Those shoes held a lot of heartwarming memories for Mrs. Cothan.  She remembers vividly when daddy would give her a swift boot with one or the other when he got all tanked up on the Wild Turkey.

She would have benefited had she ever seen "The Untouchables", particularly the part about bringing the knife to the gun fight.
2013-11-30 11:22:02 PM  
What sucks about shooting your wife is, who's gonna clean up the mess after?
2013-11-30 11:46:21 PM  
Not taking sides, just saying good shooting on the old man's part. 22 mag from a revolver is a hell of a step up from a LR, but is miles behind any service cartridge (9mm, .40SW, .45acp, etc. that people frequently live through being shot with)
2013-11-30 11:50:48 PM  
At least he didn't have to kill over the dark meat.
2013-12-01 12:12:13 AM  
I've seen similar first-hand...

/damn in-laws.
2013-12-01 02:07:53 AM  
What does a divorce and a tornado have in common in Tennessee?

Someone's gonna' lose a trailer.
2013-12-01 02:30:59 AM  
too bad there wasn't a spoon within reach instead of the revolver
2013-12-01 08:05:47 AM  

Raptop: too bad there wasn't a spoon within reach instead of the revolver

Ah, I see you've played knifey-spoony before.

media.urbandictionary.comView Full Size
2013-12-01 11:02:55 AM  
Not exactly shoot another person material, but I'd love to have my grandfather's cane if he passes before me.
2013-12-01 12:04:23 PM  
Thought I might get to read about the White family from Charleston, WV fighting over D. Ray White's shoes...
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