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(Metro)   Woman finds ghostly face in bowl of cheerios, eats it out of fear it might be a cereal killer   ( divider line
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2013-11-30 02:28:27 PM  
Put it next to the Leader beans.
2013-11-30 02:29:50 PM  
The photo is a bit grainy
2013-11-30 02:30:14 PM
2013-11-30 02:30:33 PM  
2013-11-30 02:30:42 PM
2013-11-30 02:31:03 PM  
Who Ya Gonn Call?
2013-11-30 02:32:20 PM  
2013-11-30 02:32:41 PM  
So some people are as dumb as Family Guy's Peter Griffin. Good to know.
2013-11-30 02:33:18 PM
2013-11-30 02:38:08 PM  
*looks at URL*
"reddit user"
2013-11-30 02:40:03 PM  
Am I the only ont that read ghostly as Ghastly?
2013-11-30 02:40:13 PM  
Thank you. Reddit looks like shiat,
2013-11-30 02:41:06 PM  
She's not suing anybody? Isn't that un-American?
2013-11-30 02:41:28 PM
2013-11-30 02:48:26 PM  
nord and bert
2013-11-30 02:50:39 PM
2013-11-30 02:54:24 PM  
No pareidolia tag yet?
2013-11-30 02:59:47 PM
2013-11-30 03:19:46 PM  
She ate out her cereal?!
2013-11-30 03:24:55 PM  
Woman gets head, eats out rings.

/"And then she fixes the cable?"
//"Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey."
2013-11-30 03:31:04 PM
2013-11-30 03:42:04 PM  
Please tell me that you are all joking and that nobody actually thought she was serious.  I've been online too long today and my sarcasm detector wore out.
2013-11-30 03:47:39 PM  
This article makes no sense. In one place it says woman, in another it says Reddit user.
2013-11-30 03:50:37 PM  

offmymeds: [ image 500x387]

A fine pairing of username and content. Well done.
2013-11-30 04:02:23 PM  
No pics of Matthew Lillard?
2013-11-30 04:34:40 PM  
Slow news day?
2013-11-30 04:53:06 PM  

Shakespeare's Monkey: Who Ya Gonn Call?
[ image 300x124]

These guys, maybe:
2013-11-30 04:56:38 PM
2013-11-30 05:01:48 PM  
subby, thou dost try too hard
2013-11-30 05:21:18 PM
2013-11-30 07:07:49 PM  
OK, so, you gonna eat those fries?
2013-11-30 09:23:23 PM  

katfairy: Please tell me that you are all joking and that nobody actually thought she was serious.  I've been online too long today and my sarcasm detector wore out.

Know how I know you didn't RTFA?
2013-11-30 10:51:48 PM  

And you can have a complete meal with the following...
Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Mother Teresa Cinnamon Bun
Jesus on a Tortilla, if you're more into Mexican food
And for a snack...Cheesus Christ, Cheetos Star
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