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2013-11-30 05:00:27 AM
Ruth! Baby! Ruth!
2013-11-30 05:05:17 AM
Okay, image is loading slow.

Stole a tacky copper frog? Let's see what he looks like.

Okay yeah that's exactly what I expected.
2013-11-30 05:08:24 AM
Meth, perhaps?  Copper fetches a decent price.
2013-11-30 05:08:34 AM
This is about as slow as news days get, folks.
2013-11-30 05:17:52 AM
imgick.pennlive.comwww.toptenz.net i.imgur.com

/Dear 1980's, I miss you.
2013-11-30 05:18:42 AM
2013-11-30 05:47:26 AM
But Moe, it was unavoidable!
2013-11-30 06:03:50 AM
2013-11-30 06:20:09 AM
Why aren't you helping the turtle, Leon?
2013-11-30 06:30:48 AM
What the hell is with that headline?


Photo load slow!  Let's read the article.

"Huh, I don't get it."

*scroll up*

You owe me a new keyboard, subby.
2013-11-30 06:36:21 AM
Who took my frog
 Who found my frog
2013-11-30 07:12:04 AM
2013-11-30 07:30:49 AM
Copper Frog Burglar. Best band name yet.
2013-11-30 07:41:58 AM
Mongo only pawn in game of life...
2013-11-30 08:08:46 AM
Actually, he looks like that dude who is always huffing gold paint. Same twisted face.

I wonder if he just had time to clean up first?
2013-11-30 08:15:39 AM
Why aren't there laws that require scrap dealers to scrutinize people like they do at pawn shops? They are the ones literally encouraging these sorts of shenanigans.

Guy drags in a bronze propeller from a vintage WWII submarine (yes, this actually has happened: http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/Submarine-Propellers-Stolen-From-F r eedom-Park-214281711.html  ).

Dealer: "Yeah, looks legit" (wink).
2013-11-30 08:22:08 AM
Found a photo of him as a kid.

2013-11-30 08:52:18 AM

Looks like someone's GETTIN' MARRI(|D
2013-11-30 09:07:22 AM
none of this is exactly out of place in that area.
2013-11-30 10:04:01 AM
That is exactly how imagine a thief stealing scrap metal looks like.  I don't know about PA law, but MI will take the truck.
2013-11-30 10:50:27 AM
2013-11-30 11:29:45 AM
Ah, he's from Perry County. Perry County Pa, where men are men, and the sheep are nervous.
2013-11-30 12:06:29 PM

gilgamesh23: Why aren't you helping the turtle, Leon?

Is this testing whether I'm a copper frog thief or a lesbian, Mr. Gilgamesh23?
2013-11-30 04:53:08 PM
2013-11-30 08:08:42 PM
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