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(ABC)   The University of Colorado to name two dorms after female rappers   ( divider line 79
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2013-11-29 04:12:19 PM  
*reads headline*
*reads article*
*groans so loudly family members come in from the next room to check I'm ok*
*immediately shares on FB*

+1, VERY well done
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2013-11-29 04:49:39 PM  
after Chief Niwot, using an Arapaho character that looks like the numeral "3."

I knew a guy in college who spelled his name with a "3." He returned to a standard spelling when it was time to go forth and seek employment.
2013-11-29 06:19:59 PM  
Lil Kim?

Weezey? (Lil Wayne)
2013-11-29 06:22:36 PM  
They're segregated dorms, called "Salt" and "Peppa"
2013-11-29 06:23:32 PM  
2013-11-29 06:25:07 PM  
I'm OK with this. Although I think they should maybe have their names as transcribed into English in parentheses, in small type below the proper names. That way curious people can look them up by both names to edumacate themselves.

Otherwise, anything they have on their campus which stems from Gaelic culture had better be spelled correctly in the appropriate language.
2013-11-29 06:27:02 PM  
Could be worse, could be Welsh
2013-11-29 06:28:24 PM  
Well, I thought women couldn't rape. Oh, my bad, two p's.

/ 2p or not 2p; that is the question
2013-11-29 06:33:59 PM  
The Salt n Pepa Dorms?
2013-11-29 06:34:47 PM  
My favorite wrapper? Trojan.
2013-11-29 06:38:47 PM  

Nowoo3 was a prominent Arapaho leader in the area during the mid-1800s who helped prevent retaliatory violence when the U.S. broke treaties with native nations.

Is that a nice way of saying he accepted bribes to play ball with the Feds?

Several other universities have buildings with Native American names, including the University of British Columbia Xwi7xwa Library, Stanford's Muwekma-Tah-Ruk Native American Theme House and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's Kanonhsesne Residential Program

And there are whole universities with Indian names.  Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota.
2013-11-29 06:40:33 PM  
Please let it NOT be Minaj and Kreyshawn Halls.....

*clicks on link*
2013-11-29 06:42:28 PM  
Dental dam dames?
2013-11-29 06:43:35 PM  
Can't think of a better way to encourage binge drinking. This is like trying to end drug abuse by naming a dorm "Peter Tosh Hall."  Or improving driver safety by naming the student union "George Takei Center."  Or naming the school of dentistry after any member of the British royal family.
2013-11-29 06:45:25 PM  
Wait...I thought the official Fark stance is that we all hate sheriff Arapaho.

/ didn't know he had his own language
2013-11-29 06:45:31 PM  
Left eye and t boz ( reads article) groooooaaan
2013-11-29 06:45:46 PM  
Are they doing this so all the little Eichmann's will feel more oppressive?
2013-11-29 06:50:07 PM  

Apos: Please let it NOT be Minaj and Kreyshawn Halls.....

*clicks on link*

[ image 500x335]

/And BTW, subby, that was brilliant-albeit misogynistic-misdirection. Well played!
2013-11-29 07:00:52 PM  
I'm going to predict the next dorm will be named Click-click-whistle-wheeze-growl-click-click.
2013-11-29 07:02:09 PM  
Tigra and Bunny?
2013-11-29 07:02:09 PM  
I don't get this monumental pun. Please explain!
2013-11-29 07:04:19 PM  
Gene Masseth approves of this headline.

2013-11-29 07:05:51 PM  
I read that wrong and though they we're naming to dorms after a couple of football players.
2013-11-29 07:08:39 PM  
The only thing missing in rap, is the letter "c"

2013-11-29 07:12:48 PM  
When did the Arapaho (nice pun subby) develop an alphabet? I have a sneaking suspicion that neither of the chiefs would have spelled their names, since they didn't have a written language yet and all. Some day our ancestors will fight over how to spell our names in  "traditional" 1337-speak, and my corpse will frowny face
2013-11-29 07:14:35 PM  

2013-11-29 07:16:55 PM  
What does Ward Churchill have to say on the subject?
2013-11-29 07:18:05 PM  

Pointy Tail of Satan: BACH RULES!

The only thing missing in BACH, is the letter "I"

Elvis rules!!
2013-11-29 07:31:22 PM  
2 female rapers?  Wa?
2013-11-29 07:33:20 PM  

Bermuda59: Could be worse, could be Welsh

Imagine the confusion that must ensue on Welsh campuses when someone gets drunk and starts throwing up.
2013-11-29 07:35:21 PM  
Hey, I graduated from a high school that was named after one of these proposals. Getting a kick, etc.
2013-11-29 07:37:33 PM  

Lt. Cheese Weasel: 2 female rapers?  Wa?

in the spirit of the phonetics themed article, A-rappa-ho. Like that rappa Eminem, but also a ho

/i lose 3 hit points for explaining joke
//it took me about 20 minutes to figure out
2013-11-29 07:38:23 PM  
Notorious V. A. G.?
2013-11-29 07:44:26 PM  
I read this as "female rapists". WTF?
2013-11-29 07:45:21 PM  
"There are tons of examples where you have names in Spanish or French where it could be mispronounced, but if we're going to name a building for someone French, we wouldn't respell it in English," he said. "We would look really stupid and ignorant to do that."

The University of Notre Dame shuffles its feet awkwardly, has no comment.
2013-11-29 07:46:30 PM  
Why are they naming dorms after members of a patriarchal, militaristic tribal culture that wage war on and made slaves of other American Indian tribes such as the Crow, Flathead, Shashone, Ute, Navajo and Apache?
2013-11-29 07:48:03 PM  

wambu: I read this as "female rapists". WTF?

2013-11-29 07:51:12 PM  

hasty ambush: Why are they naming dorms after members of a patriarchal, militaristic tribal culture that wage war on and made slaves of other American Indian tribes such as the Crow, Flathead, Shashone, Ute, Navajo and Apache?

Shhh! Not PC. Let the students come up with the new names for their dorms.

2013-11-29 07:52:35 PM  
I like the dorms, the dorms that go BOOM
2013-11-29 07:53:52 PM  
You are aware that the University of Colorado's student union cafeteria & grill is named the Alferd G. Packer Memorial honor of the only survivor of a Colorado mining party stranded in the mountains over the 1873-74 winter--that was accused and convicted of cannibalism?
Their motto is "Have a friend for lunch".
2013-11-29 07:55:13 PM  
The number 3 doesn't have a sound. How could you transliterate anything into Roman characters and end up with a 3?
2013-11-29 07:56:19 PM  
i thought it was spelled rapist...not raper
2013-11-29 08:16:17 PM  

jshine: The number 3 doesn't have a sound. How could you transliterate anything into Roman characters and end up with a 3?

Some linguist made an alphabet for the language sometime in the mid to late 20th century, and he decided that 3 makes a "th" sound that is different than a normal "th" sound. So in the end, it's really not so much transliterated, but rather spelled out in a different alphabet. You know, just like we do for all the Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, etc names.... oh wait, no we don't
2013-11-29 08:28:47 PM  

skinink: The Salt n Pepa Dorms?

What? No DJ Spinderella dorm?

/showing my age here.
2013-11-29 08:31:58 PM  
You said rap twice.
2013-11-29 08:36:16 PM  
Just another "See how politically correct we are" move from the pseudo-intellectuals in Boulder. How do the Arapaho feel about students pronouncing the names "New woo three" and "How's Sue?"
2013-11-29 08:54:56 PM  
The University of Colorado is considering renaming two dorms on its Boulder campus in the Arapaho language - a plan that could lead to some mangled pronunciation but one that school officials say honors Native American culture.

Meh.  After a week or two, you usually get down the pronunciation of things, even if it's wrong.  Hell, look at my alma mater....

Meagher is pronouced "Marr" (it's an Irish thing)
Dore is pronounced "Door" (not "dor-eh" like it would normally be)
DiTraglia pronounces all the letters (in Italian, "gl" is the rolled "ll" as in "llama")
Guzman is pronounced "guzz-man" (rhymes with "scuzz-man," because it's just a nasty place)
2013-11-29 08:59:05 PM  

EngineerBob: You said rap twice.
2013-11-29 09:13:12 PM  
And now I have the bass line from "Push It" stuck in my head.  Thanks.
2013-11-29 09:20:02 PM  
Actually, it's customary in a lot of other languages to respell borrowed words to approximate the sound of the original language.  Actually that was customary in English, too, until the biatchy grammar teachers said we had to spell borrowed words the same as they were spelled in Latin and French.
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