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(   British town of Norwich honors its most favorite son Alan Partridge by recreating him in Christmas lights. "It's an LED effigy of my face and body lighting up the Christmas night just as the Archangel Gabriel did over 2,000 years ago"   ( divider line
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2013-11-22 10:31:38 AM  
I read that as Andy Partridge and was one of the disappointed.  His is the Mayor of Simpleton after all.
2013-11-22 12:46:50 PM  
Is it me or does Steve Coogan kind of suck in every other thing he's in?
He's one of those actors that never seems to be 'real' in whatever character he's portraying.

/flame off.
2013-11-22 08:00:34 PM  
Hello, I'm Alan Partridge.

And you're American, which means you don't know who in Hull I am.

Let me explain the Concept of Alan Partridge to you.

In England, I was a big star on TV. And then I wasn't.  I desperately want be a Big Star in America as well. I mean, who doesn't? Everybody in English show business dreams of becoming a Big Star in America, because that is where the Big Money and Real Fame are.

Being a Big Star on British TV is like being world famous right across Canada. I just thought of that. I will claim I invented it.

People who think I am not real don't get the Alan Partridge Concept. They should take my Internet webinar, The Alan Partridge Concept on the Intenet. That's the whole point of Alan Partridge:  I am not real. I am a figment of my own warped imagination.

Only being a Big Star in America would make me real. As long as I am condemned to be a big star in England I will not ever be really real, well, not really really real. I will be a wooden boy, like Disney's Pinocchio. Only my nose does not grow when I lie. That would be terrible and a crippling tell when I play poker with other celebrities. Which I do often. Honestly. The gaffers won't let me play with them because I am not union.

Let's face it. Unless people in America love me and think they know me, I might as well be a schmuck on some second rate Australian soap opera.

Do you have second rate Australian soaps in America? What's that? I hear Mexico. I hear Brazil. I hear Canadian from one strange little man in the back.

Well, it doesn't matter. Because I'm Alan Partridge.

I have chosen my bed and I must lie in it until somebody believes I am worthy of becoming a real person.

Please, if you are the Blue Fairy or know the Blue Fairy, call me.

Because I am Alan Partridge.

(Dictated by not read by Alan Partridge.)

(Alan Partridge's voice was simulated by a voice-actor due to copyright issues.)

Please, please, please call me. I'll do anything that will advance my career and get me out of Great Britain.
2013-11-22 08:08:10 PM  
I don't know any of the many movies that Steve Coogan has been in, but I have a large collection of his comedies. I love Doctor Terrible's House of Horrible (it's a parody of a British Horror Series which I have not seen but which was recently advertised in The Fortean Times) and so forth. He is a great mimic. Maybe that is why he seems so fake. He is not himself. Or maybe he is wearing a rubber mask that looks pretty real but not real enough.

Did you know that he did a Simpsons episode? Or that he was an executive producer on The Mighty Boosh, did a voice on Bob and Margaret and also I am Not an Animal.

I have also seen his stand up comedy on DVD.

This is a comedian you ought to know, even if you are American and even if he will never be a real boy.

I like him.
2013-11-22 08:11:47 PM  

stupiddream: I read that as Andy Partridge and was one of the disappointed.  His is the Mayor of Simpleton after all.

I read that as Andy Partridge too.  I was going to make snarky comments about how he was from Swindon, not Norwich and something about his stage fright.

One thousand umbrellas upturned couldn't catch all the wet that fell out of my eyes when I found out I would never see XTC perform live.
2013-11-22 09:51:45 PM  
Rock me, sexy Jesus.
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