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(Opposing Views)   Record numbers of Americans are renouncing their U.S. citizenship this year, to dodge U.S. taxes, apparently unaware that U.S. tax rates are almost the lowest in the developed world   ( divider line
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2013-11-19 06:58:16 PM  
4 votes:

Switzerland, the country where singer Tina Turner (pictured) is now a citizen after giving up her U.S. citizenship this past April, collects about 30 percent of its GDP in taxes, low for Europe, but twice as high as in America

Whats GDP got to do - got to do with it?
2013-11-19 07:20:51 PM  
3 votes:

spamdog: Wasn't there some kind of historical event in the USA regarding taxation from abroad?

Taxation from abroad is also known as alimony.
2013-11-19 07:36:19 PM  
2 votes:
The irony is delightful how the same people who are completely pro-immigrant are simultaneously completely anti-emigrant
2013-11-19 06:59:02 PM  
2 votes:
560 people?  Why it's a stampede.
2013-11-19 06:46:28 PM  
2 votes:
So less people with republican leanings? Sweet.
2013-11-19 06:45:01 PM  
2 votes:
b-but, he's blah!  I can't pay taxes to a blah!
2013-11-19 10:41:43 PM  
1 vote:
Ha ha, welcome to globalization.  Your government is now another commodity.  Don't like the ______?  Move to a place where you do.  No one is going to wait a whole generation or 5 for some sort of change.  In fact, I'm willing to bet people will pay extra for a place they are comfortable in.

I think the ultimate fark you would be if China drastically improved their human rights and electoral process and offered everything the US offered but for less money.
2013-11-19 07:36:56 PM  
1 vote:
How do I convince Alec Baldwin to finally leave?
2013-11-19 07:02:26 PM  
1 vote:
Wasn't there some kind of historical event in the USA regarding taxation from abroad?
2013-11-19 06:53:32 PM  
1 vote:

Marcus Aurelius: The ex-pat reporting requirements are onerous.  If you have any kind of complex business and are living offshore, you must get a lawyer to do your taxes at a considerable expense.  Otherwise you risk forfeiture of assets or worse.  So thank Congress for making crappy laws.

if it weren't for crappy laws we wouldn't have any laws at all, and it would be just like Somalia here.
you don't want to live in Somalia do you?
2013-11-19 06:53:18 PM  
1 vote:

This also means we can take them out with a drone strike without too much hand wringing.
2013-11-19 06:51:14 PM  
1 vote:
Wait, you have to pay taxes on Bitcoin capital gains??? Ha... I'm off to Malta, Cyprus, San Marino and Andorra... once you go GOLD, you never go back to paper!!!
2013-11-19 06:50:26 PM  
1 vote:
2013-11-19 06:46:31 PM  
1 vote:
The US is also one of the few countries that collects taxes on you if you're a citizen living abroad. They're paying taxes twice. Once to their resident country and once to the US. Hence why if you're living abroad you would renounce citizenship: to save that tax money.
2013-11-19 06:45:22 PM  
1 vote:
They must really love their country!
2013-11-19 06:44:16 PM  
1 vote:
Well bye.
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