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(Newser)   Hell hath no fury like, well, like a guy with the means to buy the house next door to his ex-wife and the lover with whom she cheated   ( divider line
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2013-11-18 05:23:29 PM  
He really ran with the metaphor, though. You've gotta give the man that..
2013-11-18 05:23:42 PM  
That's weird that she would cheat on a guy like that. He seems to have it all
2013-11-18 05:23:50 PM  
hell hath no fury like a dupe from last week.
2013-11-18 05:23:51 PM  
Another pereat?
2013-11-18 05:24:13 PM  
2013-11-18 05:24:22 PM  
Way to make your headline the first line of TFA, creative-mitter.
2013-11-18 05:24:30 PM  
You TotalPros pay to filter this repeat crap for me. Get to work, plebs
2013-11-18 05:25:03 PM  
I give this story two fingers up.
2013-11-18 05:25:45 PM  
2013-11-18 05:26:07 PM  

vodka: You TotalPros pay to filter this repeat crap for me. Get to work, plebs

why did you spell your username wrong?
2013-11-18 05:27:00 PM  
what is the point of showing a video with the finger censored out?
2013-11-18 05:27:40 PM  
Same woman different man. There's a finger on both sides of her house now.
2013-11-18 05:30:23 PM  
Anyone else reminded of Weekend at Bernie's?

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