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(CBS Los Angeles 2)   LA Police: "Hey, this TSA agent still has a pulse. Let's let him bleed out for over a half an hour so we can bump these charges up to a murder rap"   ( divider line 155
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2013-11-16 03:48:31 PM  

hardinparamedic: ctical EMTs are still relatively uncommon, at least in my area. A few of our tac guys went and got their EMT-Bs, but they're actual LE Officers.

Huh. It seems the bigger cities have them hit-or-miss -- I think we'll start seeing more of it. One of the near-by college towns actually has several officers trained as paramedics, and stocked med-bags in all the buildings.
2013-11-16 04:31:18 PM  

PsiChick: Gig103: [ image 604x358]

Thanks for outing yourself as an asshole.

/No, TSA officers do not actually deserve death.

2013-11-16 06:39:52 PM  

WTFDYW: Problem is,.

they name names when they talk (brag) about calls that they have been on

They should both be fired for privacy violations. Not HP or CT. I'm talking about the "outlaws".

I hope they have large sums of cash on hand. Let the feds find out about that.
2013-11-17 01:38:40 AM  

hardinparamedic: Surool: Because you simply argue in court that the injuries would have been non fatal if the cops hadn't let him die. Doctors would have had 30 minutes to save the agent... that is a long time to bleed out. The victim died as much as a result of police action as he did from being shot. Seat the right jury. Bam.

Uh, I don't think you thought your cunning defense all the way through there, Atticus Finch.
The shooter was the proximal initiator and cause of the entire situation. Had he not shot the guard in the first place, he wouldn't have died as a result of his injuries, because they would have never happened. This is the same principal why someone can be convicted of attempted murder, and then be tried for murder down the road if the victim dies in hospital within the next year.

I said it was arguable, and depending on the jury, it could work to derail simple murder one charges no matter what you say. I made no claim about being a legal expert, but as the O.J. case proved, there are plenty of morons assigned to be the jury in high profile cases. Bam, you no longer have a slam-dunk murder trial... not that the defendant would walk, but they'd easily be convicted of much less than they deserved.

Details like this can hang juries too, depending on their instructions. Now that slam dunk high profile trial costing a couple million dollars starts over from the beginning.

Are you going to claim these things don't happen?
2013-11-17 05:46:48 AM  

Surool: I made no claim about being a legal expert, but as the O.J. case proved, there are plenty of morons assigned to be the jury in high profile cases. Bam, you no longer have a slam-dunk murder trial...

I think the OJ case had a lot more issues at work than some random nutbag. (i.e. Race, the fact the guy was famous and rich...)

Unless this guy gets called a N*gger in the middle of court by Mark Fuhrman, I don't see this happening.
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