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(BBC)   If you want to say all Christians should be exterminated, don't do it on Hungarian radio   ( divider line
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9586 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2004 at 11:29 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-21 06:31:30 PM  
What about Hungarian TV?
2004-01-21 06:48:04 PM  
This should be good.
2004-01-21 07:54:30 PM  
They found Osama!
2004-01-21 08:14:35 PM  
I didn't know Neil Rodgers was syndicated in Hungary. He wants to throw everybody to the lions.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Gays, Straights, Transgendered monkey farkers...Oh, just about all of humanity in general.

/Kidding...Neil Rodgers fan
2004-01-21 09:42:59 PM  
I don't know. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable suggestion to me.

2004-01-21 11:31:59 PM  
Yeah, just say it on

All Christians must be exterminated.

/flame on!
2004-01-21 11:32:28 PM  
I thought that was what Al-Jazeera was for. What gives?

/fanning the flames
2004-01-21 11:32:55 PM  
2004-01-21 11:33:07 PM  
I'll make a note of this for the next time I am on Hungarian radio. Thanks.
2004-01-21 11:33:23 PM  
The ones who have turned it into the bastardized version it is today should be exterminated.
2004-01-21 11:33:57 PM  
Excellent use of [PSA] tag.
2004-01-21 11:36:24 PM  
now kids we all KNOW the ...
what was i sayi...
shoulda stopped at seven joints...
legaliz it
2004-01-21 11:36:26 PM  
I wonder if any farkers here agree with the guy.
2004-01-21 11:36:58 PM  
Earlier this month in another incident thousands of demonstrators called for the station to be closed.

That protest meeting stirred controversy when several participants set fire to an Israeli flag.

that rates about a 11 out of 10 on the mixed-message-o-meter.

2004-01-21 11:40:57 PM  
B Cooper,

Where can I hear Neil Rodgers? I used to listen to him on WIOD in Miami but I moved. Is he on the net?

I don't know what this topic is about,
2004-01-21 11:41:04 PM  
If you want to say all gay people should be eliminated, be sure you're a friend of George Bush who owns the biggest Republican newspaper in the country. Because then no one will notice, and the Fark mods won't even post it.
2004-01-21 11:41:23 PM  
but if you want to go on the air and say "kill all muslims and fags," just dial up the michael savage show!

//kill them all and let zappa sort them out
2004-01-21 11:42:37 PM  
paradroid, i do believe we're sharing a brain cell.
2004-01-21 11:43:08 PM  
I spend a great deal of time in Hungary, and I have never once been burned at the stake as a Christian.

-But I guess it would solve the housing shortage in Budapest.
2004-01-21 11:43:27 PM  
At least sterilize the buggers.
2004-01-21 11:44:03 PM  
Hungary would be speaking Turkish or Greek without outside support. Go find something to eat and disrespect the hand that feeds you. Does this not show the stability of spreading a stable economy rather than a religion? However, complete success is based on existential choices.
2004-01-21 11:46:32 PM  
Tadpole, RTFA
2004-01-21 11:46:41 PM  
Can you still say it with a Hallmark card?
2004-01-21 11:46:58 PM  
Paradroid.....Risperdal, Remeron and ECT may cure your paranoid, psychotic delusions. Let me know if I can help.
2004-01-21 11:48:05 PM  
Me so hungary.
2004-01-21 11:49:45 PM  
Well the solution to that is obvious McRonald.

Go eat a Turk. ersomethinglikethat
2004-01-21 11:50:11 PM  
And why not? They are commanded to have their own children killed! (scroll down a little)
2004-01-21 11:51:00 PM  
hey Total Farkers,

the local news is teasing us with reports that some rocknroller has been arrested, but i cant find any news site reporting it yet. any links about it submitted?
2004-01-21 11:54:25 PM  

"All Christians should be exterminated"

Thank you.

(and anyone else who believes in supernatural voodoo)

2004-01-21 11:55:26 PM  
"An alternative radio station in Hungary has been banned from broadcasting for 30 days by the state media watchdog for insulting Christians."

Why don't we have someone banning insulting Christians here in the USA?
2004-01-21 11:55:35 PM  
Don't you just hate it when a law intended to protect certain groups against hate crimes, is misused and winds up protecting a group that really DOES deserve to be rounded up and killed?

/oops, forgot the 'sarcasm' tag.
2004-01-21 11:57:48 PM  
In other news, if you want to say all gay people shouldn't be allowed joint health care, property rights, vistation when sick, or equal protection under the law. Be sure to say it in a State of the Union Address.
2004-01-21 11:57:58 PM  
christianity has survived for 2000 years but it didn't survive with an attitude that would allow that person to remain living after making that kind of statement...well, maybe for the first few years it did but no religion survives for 2000 years without some serious intolerance to this sort of thing...I give christianity another 20 years, 30 years tops.
2004-01-21 11:58:32 PM  
I spend a great deal of time in Hungary, and I have never once been burned at the stake as a Christian.

Oh, you came to the party late, then.
2004-01-22 12:00:27 AM  
1.21Gigawatts - only thing I've seen is a link about Art Garfunkle getting caught with refer.
2004-01-22 12:02:58 AM  
This is all Bush's fault.
2004-01-22 12:08:58 AM  
So NPR took some of that $200 million donation and opened a radio station in Hungary
2004-01-22 12:09:20 AM  
In other news, if you want to say all gay people shouldn't be allowed joint health care, property rights, vistation when sick, or equal protection under the law. Be sure to say it in a State of the Union Address.

With so many countries where that's the case, I can't possibly know which one you mean.
2004-01-22 12:09:50 AM  
In Hungary, Christians ban YOU!

No, really, be glad that Fark isn't steaming straight outta Budapest, because lord knows that these threads would have sparked the hate speech clause a while back.

It's one thing to criticize the Church, policies, and to take specific members to task for specific things--such as diverting funds, playing with alterboys' candlesticks, or driving young miss things across the border to get an abortion so to preserve the sanctity of the Church's rep--and that's the press' job. It's another to call for folks' extermination. (Apparantley Annie "Wild Thang" Coulter is immune to this, but hey, that's because of the darned Liberal slant to the media, no?)

Hate filled rhetoric has no place in a debate about religion. It only fuels the fires, and it essentially draws lines around the issue, rather than opening discussions. Faith is more than just a belief in the magical sky being, and atheism is often more than a rejection of said sky being.

This thread is, I predict, going to be filled soon enough with nice folks who will attempt to draw a distinction that they don't understand why theists insist on attacking them when they declare that there is no God, and all who worship said deity are idiots who need to be spoon fed farina. And those folks are going to be shocked when folks react badly too. It's a false tactic, and it's crying crocodile tears, and I'll call folks on it early, because we see it every thread. Theists who go off and attack atheists, and atheists who attack theists, and in the meantime they both quote books that the other side of the coin doesn't believe in to back up their claims. It's piss poor debate.

You want to talk about religion, talk specifics. Talk about specific examples. Cite people. Cite policies. I don't really care what you believe, so long as y'all can discuss it in a manner that doesn't wind up stomping on other folks' worldview. I'm not real big on the Southern Baptist thing, spent several years down there, and I've done my time at tent revivals and I think that some of these folks are a bit misguided, but that doesn't neccessarily take away the strength of their faith. It's their thang, and so long as no one gets hurt, drive on. Bomb an abortion clinic for God, and you're an asshat. Plain and simple. Deface a Church, and you're an asshat. Plain and simple. Don't get religion confused with being an asshole, or atheism for a lack of ethics. Plenty of "Good Christians" with questionable ethics, as well as atheists. Specificity is the key in these discussions, and you're going to hack folks off, fast, when the blanket accusations begin to fly.

Now then, maybe this thread can prove me wrong. Maybe y'all just come together and have a civilized discussion on religion, where folks are respectful of each others' beliefs, and things will be calm and rational, and no one will employ piss poor debate skills, and then fall back to the "See how irrational they all are" position, but I ain't counting on it.
2004-01-22 12:10:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-22 12:11:14 AM  
Death_Toll: I agree with you one hundred percent. The more I learn about Christianity, the more I understand that the current version ain't the way it was meant to be.
2004-01-22 12:11:18 AM  
In other news, if you want to say all gay people shouldn't be allowed joint health care, property rights, vistation when sick, or equal protection under the law. Be sure to say it in a State of the Union Address.

Now I'm pissed all over again. I thought i was over that speech.

2004-01-22 12:11:44 AM  
While I'm a Christian (and a right leaning Independant), I believe these farks should have been given a warning, taking away their right to free speech is too extreme. Make your hatred known so the rest of us semi-normal people will know who to keep away from.
2004-01-22 12:12:34 AM  
The wierd thing here is that it's usually god doing the smiting. I didn't think anyone else even had smitability.
2004-01-22 12:14:23 AM  
I hear the rhythms of the Pope,
I buy the propoganda and never wholly believe it;
I hear the talking of the deluded follower,
Can't understand, just what does he say?

I'm on Hungarian radio, whoa whoa,
I'm on Hungarian radio, whoa whoa !
2004-01-22 12:16:51 AM  

One day God said
This is what I will do
I'll send down my son
I'll send him to you
To clear up this humpity
Bumpity hulabaloo

His name will be Christ
And he'll never wear shoes
And his pals will all call
Him the King of the Jews

He didn't come in a plane
He didn't come in a jeep
He didn't come in the pouch
Of a high jumping vo veep

He rode on the back of a black sasatoo
Which is the blackiest creature
You ever could view

He rode to Jerusalem
Home of the grumpity Jews
Where false prophets are worshipped
Some even in two's

There was Murrary Von Mer
And Genghis Vo Vooze
The one you could worship
By taking a snooze

Christ spoke from a mound
Which is a pile of ground
And people gathered around
Without making a sound
And thus he spake

Sin in socks
Socks full of sin
How do we quiet this
Jehoviadin din

Do unto others as
They do unto you
That includes you
Young Timothy Foo

One pharisee said to another he knew
"What do we do with this upitty jew?"
We can wash him in wine
And make him all clean
And into Sam Zittle's
Crucifiction Machine

Twirl the gawhril
And relase the gavlease
And in go the nails
As fast as you please

And it is said that he
Said as he bled:

Forgive them Father
For they know not what they do

For they walk through this life
In toe crampity shoes.

Do you?

2004-01-22 12:18:06 AM  
I'm on a Hungaran Radio
I'm on a Hungarian woo-o Radio...

/catchy huh
2004-01-22 12:18:47 AM  
It would seem that the truth hurts.
2004-01-22 12:21:44 AM  

I wish I was in, Nyiregyhaza
Eating Kapros krumplisalata...
2004-01-22 12:23:29 AM  
No, but I can say it on Fark. And while I'm at it, why stop at Christians? ALL RELIGIONS should be decimated. We've all got to realize that, Gods or no gods, we're all human beings, and we have a job to do: Further the species, grow, evolve, and expand our horizons...

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