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(News Askew)   12 things utterd by Yoda during sex.   ( divider line
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16007 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Dec 2001 at 7:42 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-05 07:49:14 AM  
Funny list, this is.
2001-12-05 07:58:23 AM  
Your father I am.
2001-12-05 08:06:37 AM  
Good Jedi you are - target you hit.
2001-12-05 08:11:25 AM  
Big package in little man I have.
2001-12-05 08:14:53 AM  
"Dirty, I feel... when the force touches me there."
2001-12-05 08:21:40 AM  
"Ah, good for you, it was?"
2001-12-05 08:25:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

disclaimer: I did not make this!
2001-12-05 08:30:12 AM  
bad file name.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-05 08:33:34 AM  
Does anyone else find it weird that, on a message board devoted to Kevin Smith movies, the name "Jay" wasn't registered until this morning?
2001-12-05 08:33:47 AM  
Oh my! Now I think I have seen it all.
2001-12-05 08:37:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Who's your Jedi Master? WHO's your Jedi Master?"

(Not bad for MS Paint, eh?)
2001-12-05 08:43:42 AM  
2001-12-05 09:02:00 AM  
Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!
2001-12-05 09:06:44 AM  
Squeal like a jedi master.
2001-12-05 09:13:45 AM  
Touch the force you will, stroke it you could, hmmmmm.......

Play with my light saber you must.

Leia, your sex slave I am.

Hung like a tonn-tonn I am, yes?
2001-12-05 09:16:32 AM  
Nerf herders.
2001-12-05 09:23:52 AM  
the next time you do it, you'll think of the little green man screaming your name

2001-12-05 09:24:28 AM  
How about:
"Gentle be. My first time, this is."
2001-12-05 09:26:37 AM  
Like it that way, don't you, biatch?
2001-12-05 09:40:35 AM  
I sense much Beer in you.
Beer leads to intoxication.
Intoxication leads to hangovers
Hangovers, leads to suffering!
2001-12-05 09:43:36 AM  
Joshua5: You're paying for the keyboard I just spit my coffee in, biatch.

2001-12-05 09:47:10 AM  
"Love this is not. Only farking this be."
2001-12-05 09:56:58 AM  
"High priced whore you are. George Lucas you've become"
2001-12-05 10:09:56 AM  
Going for the mental scarring factor here

Pretty ewok you are, taste good you must. Long tongue I have, show you I will. *slurp*
2001-12-05 10:15:44 AM  
Well I think Yoda has gone a little pun intended.
2001-12-05 10:22:35 AM  
Star Wars is so boring.
2001-12-05 10:31:45 AM  
Ahhh, young Obi-One, pretty mouth you do have.
2001-12-05 10:35:37 AM  
There's audio of something like this list, somewhere. I'll see if I can find it.
2001-12-05 10:42:59 AM  
I gotta admit that even with all these great comments, the mere thought of Yoda farking is almost enough to make me sick . . .
2001-12-05 10:52:01 AM  
Check out here for some Yoda sex sounds (When Yoda met Sally, Yoda looses virginity)
all in the spoof sound section
2001-12-05 11:13:18 AM  
To feel the force, my finger pull you must.
2001-12-05 11:56:40 AM  
RPM, that "Yoda looses his Virginity" clip sounded more like Gonzo shagging a slide whistle.
2001-12-05 12:12:21 PM  

This list is copyrighted material from The Top Five List

Check out the original plus an x-rated version.

2001-12-05 12:25:34 PM  
2001-12-05 12:27:42 PM  
Thats realy cool!
2001-12-05 01:04:03 PM  
Am I the only one who found this list incredibly stupid?
I wrote up funnier satire in 3rd grade!
It's just to basic and simple. It's like taking every quoted line from Cassablanca and just switching a few words so that it's sexual.

"Here's farking you kid"
"If you don't cum on me now you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon."

HAHAHAHA damn that was funny!
2001-12-05 01:29:44 PM  
Kudos Bones666
2001-12-05 02:45:51 PM  
Gee Bones, forgive us for not living up to the standards of a psuedo-intellectual asshole with literary pretentions. Most of us just wanted a quick chuckle.
2001-12-05 02:56:44 PM  
2001-12-05 03:17:29 PM  
isn't that what FARK is all about? arguing about spelling and grammer.. then posting things that aren't funny and expecting people to laugh?
2001-12-05 03:32:32 PM  
Dig green dudes do you?

Call me master they do for a reason, no?

Viagra? Ruppees? A Jedi craves not these things.

Any alien in you do you have? Want some?
2001-12-05 04:39:58 PM  
Come play with my Jawa you should.
2001-12-05 04:45:49 PM  
Flignir: Now I am cleaing Ramen off my computer, thanks a lot.

Although you are correct, gizmo shagging a slide whistle, what the fark man. . .
2001-12-05 05:03:04 PM  
Any alien in you do you have? Want some?
2001-12-05 05:16:11 PM  
Gay, Tom Cruise GAY, yes him is...........
2001-12-05 05:30:51 PM  
The site's comments sucked-

Most Farkers are much more funny-

"I see your shwarz is as big as mine"
2001-12-05 07:09:09 PM  
"Size matters not, it does."
2001-12-05 08:02:40 PM  
Yoda: "Come to my cave you will."
Female Imperial: "Come to your cave I will."
Yoda: "Give me everything you must."
Female Imperial: "Give you everything I must."
Yoda: "Expect me to ever call you will not."
Female Imperial: "Expect you to ever call I will not."
2001-12-05 09:25:16 PM  

heh just felt like saying that 4 no reason
but it was about as funny as this list right
2001-12-05 11:32:08 PM  
I got a kick out of the fact that all those people had to post responses to the list. What kind of loser reads something on an web site and then goes an posts a lame response? Get a life.
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