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(Inside Bay Area)   Felony: Stealing hundreds of identities. Throw away the key: Stealing them from cancer patients while they receive treatment   ( divider line
    More: Sick, identity theft, identity, felony, breast cancer  
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2013-11-14 01:32:17 PM  
chicagonow.comView Full Size
2013-11-14 02:17:10 PM  

Mitch Taylor's Bro: [ image 400x350]

done in one...amirite?
2013-11-14 02:17:34 PM  
Might want to choose your cancer patients carefully.
i42.tinypic.comView Full Size
2013-11-14 02:20:05 PM  
TFA says the list they were busted with was all patients with the same birth year.

If this wasn't an inside job, then someone at the clinic should be fired for not destroying sensitive data properly.
2013-11-14 02:24:46 PM  
I'm ok with the death penalty for this guy
2013-11-14 02:25:18 PM  
In an earlier thread, I said that stealing a CP kid's wheelchair didn't merit TEH EVUL status, in comparison.

This one made the list.

/pretty high up
2013-11-14 02:26:12 PM  

Barry McCokiner: I'm ok with the death penalty for this guy

Nah, death's too good for that turd.  Lock him up in Attica.
2013-11-14 02:29:03 PM  
2013-11-14 02:29:53 PM  
gobbledygeekbtr.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-11-14 02:33:02 PM  

Voodoo_Stu: [ image 600x337]

you made us watch that every Friday for 3 months straight!
2013-11-14 02:38:38 PM  
I prefer to get funny headlines through, but I am glad this got a greenlight. Are these the only two women in the country who don't know someone that has had cancer, and therefore do not understand what a horrible experience the treatment is on the patient? I'll personally drive them to hell, if they need a ride.

/the double-entendre  SICK tag was about the silly limit for this one.
2013-11-14 02:40:06 PM  
images1.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

i1.ytimg.comView Full Size
2013-11-14 02:51:18 PM  
After being found guilty, take them out back of the courthouse and shoot them. Simple !
2013-11-14 02:58:23 PM  
And this is another reason I sometimes think we should bring back impalement.
2013-11-14 03:05:15 PM  
Well, the victims might not need their identity info much longer anyway, so...

/one express ticket, please
2013-11-14 03:08:25 PM  
I can only assume that the theives were thinking that cancer patients have enough to worry about, so stealing their identity would be easy.

Shoot them in the head and be done with it.
2013-11-14 03:21:55 PM  
You'd think that having cancer would be a major ding on your credit worthiness.
2013-11-14 03:44:11 PM  
Statistically, cancer patients aren't going to need their identities as long as healthy people.  These are comparatively considerate, forward-thinking identity thieves.
2013-11-14 03:48:07 PM  
Oh nevermind, this happened in the US.  Those patients' credit ratings were as good as destroyed as soon as they got their diagnoses.
2013-11-14 04:06:22 PM  
And what does subby feel should be the punishment for democrats forcing cancer patients away from their health plans and doctors ...and handing their personal medical records to felons?
2013-11-14 04:29:19 PM  

Precision Boobery: Statistically, cancer patients aren't going to need their identities as long as healthy people.  These are comparatively considerate, forward-thinking identity thieves.

Came to make a similar, offensive joke.

2013-11-14 05:16:09 PM  
Was it House?
Because Wilson would be pissed.

/probably for the Vicodin prescriptions
2013-11-15 08:03:45 AM  
Coming soon: Identity thief steals from transplant hospital
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