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(Some Guy)   Remember when the Lousiana EBT system crashed and people went all "RAID WALMART NO EBT LIMITS? Nothing bad can come from this, right?" Well, according to the Governor, you were wrong   ( divider line
    More: Followup, EBT, High Price, Bobby Jindal, System Crash, raid, Louisianna, insufficient funds, Department of Children  
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2013-11-14 11:33:44 AM  

keiverarrow: Honestly, that whole situation seemed to me like a staged incident.  when the EBT system went down, whose call was it to let everyone just have whatever they wanted?  The cashiers should have said no.

Wal-Mart has a policy of helping its employees sign up for food stamps rather than paying them a living wage. Is anybody surprised that the cashiers didn't feel particularly compelled to prevent people from over-spending when they themselves benefit recipients?

I have a really hard time getting worked up about this. They were buying food.
2013-11-14 11:57:09 AM  

libranoelrose: lockers: The punishment for abusing the system is to starve peoples kids. This makes people happy? Meanwhile all those companies who did not follow policy gets a pass? Man you guys are cruel and greedy.

Yes this makes people very happy.

Because poor people are only here to keep the middle class scared shiatless.

Credit your comedic sources, now. ↑ - George Carlin
2013-11-14 02:04:21 PM  
I predict Louisiana's unemployment numbers will decrease pretty soon here.
2013-11-14 05:36:06 PM  

Terrible Old Man: libranoelrose: I will never understand how people can be mad at poor people who catch a break.

The rich steal and they get the taxpayers to give them billions of dollars.

Poor people steal and the middle class morons get pissed off because the poor people are trying to steal their cookie!!!!111

Wow. Aren't you a special brand of Special.

Ok Derpy, let's run you through this. Someday, you'll grow up to be a Grownup. As you may (or may not) know, Grownups get things call "jobs." (Well, most do, you, being special, might not.) Anyways, because these grownups have jobs, they make money. Money that the government takes a huge chunk out of to operate. Grownups aren't particularly happy about this, but it's a necessary evil. So when-

You know what? Fuggit. I just reread your comment and realized even if I made this a monosyllabic popup book, you wouldn't understand the concept.

You aren't really talking about grown ups. You are talking about children that are the size of an adult, but don't understand that taxes are what pays for essential services to society.

I'll just go ahead and farky you as a child that doesn't want to learn to share.

Farking moron.

Geez, why don't you just leave Fark so we don't have to put up with your ignorance?
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