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2013-11-13 09:40:10 AM

See my previous comment regarding arguing methodology vs. denying something was published.

They're not the same thing. When someone starts off with "you're a liar!" when it's clear that what I'm saying is true (that those numbers were published, in a report drawn up by the CDC), I have little interest in continuing with them.

"I have a problem with the studies the CDC referenced" is far more likely to generate discussion than "that was never referenced and that report doesn't exist."
2013-11-13 09:59:39 AM
I don't have a problem with the report, or its contents. Nor do I have an issue with the story I just sourced. I was just pointing out the issue (which I know nothing about)

/bubble bubble, toil and trouble!
2013-11-13 10:58:50 AM
I have no problem with people owning (or even carrying) guns.    Hell, it is a right.    What I have a problem is people who think the right comes with no responsibilities.   Much as with anything else, if you're going to operate something with potentially lethal results, you need to be darned cautious and unfortunately there are a lot of yahoos who will refuse to be educated.    This is fine until one of these guys "accidentally discharges"  a weapon into someone or applies lethal force (would it make you feel better if they was pushed out a windder little girl?) to a place where it is not justified.

After this, they should expect a serious legal response as well as a life time bar on firearm ownership and I won't shed a tear about them come crying (and boy if you hang around the forums where felons or domestic abusers are trying to reinstate their rights) about them no longer being able to defend themselves.   Self defense **** IS NOT****  a constitutional right.   Your right to self defense was abrogated when you unlawfully endangered another.
2013-11-13 11:31:56 AM

MBooda: Just a clarification: Anderson Road...that's Duson, not Lafayette. Almost the next Parish. That's like saying something happened in Los Angeles when it actually happened in Hollywood.

Just a clarification: Hollywood is a district of the City of Los Angeles, like Century City, Westwood, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, San Pedro, et al. are. The Postal Service uses the "Hollywood" name for addressing and some state statistical reports list Hollywood separately, but it is simply a neighbourhood of the City of Los Angeles. Just like the Bronx is part of New York City, Roslindale is part of Boston, Georgetown is part of D.C.,, and those various named places on Oahu are parts of the City of Honolulu.

West Hollywood, however, is an unincorporated district of L.A. County.
2013-11-13 11:54:19 AM

meyerkev: /And have you SEEN the inner cities? 99% of America is safe, the other 1% is crazy Mad Max.
//I remember hearing that if you removed 4 cities, America had the lowest violent crime rate of any first world country.  I want to say they were Camden, Oakland, Newark, and Chicago, but really don't quote me on that because I'm almost certainly wrong.

Even in those cities - well, in Chicago anyway - violent crime is mostly confined to the ghettos.  Places where good people live, where major business occurs, and where tourists go can have crime - anywhere can - but they are very safe.

Our current police superintendent* has been reducing shootings and murders quite nicely (this year lowest since the mid 1960s) by better analysing statistics and flooding resources into the few districts** that have the overwhelming majority of the city's violent crime.

* Chicago has a single position called "superintendent" instead of a separate political commissioner/commission and a sworn chief like NYC, LA, and other large North American cities have)
2013-11-13 03:30:09 PM

Cormee: Or rock the casabah?

Careful, Sharia don't like it.
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