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(Metro)   You know what's respectful? Attending the funeral of a RAF serviceman who had no relatives able to go to his funeral and you stepped up to the task because you're from the internets   ( divider line
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2013-11-09 11:25:04 PM  

Brokenseas: Lsherm: It has emerged that Mr Percival was one of four siblings, but lived a 'nomadic lifestyle' and never married nor had children.
His nephew, David Worsell, said: 'He was a private man, he worked in Australia for a number of years as a decorator and would visit England for holidays.

I know it's been years since it was done, but this is how obituaries used to subtly let people know that the decedent was gay.

That's the modern subtle hint.

It was a hint in the old days, too.

Irony is, he may not have been gay.  But his obit reads like it, provided it was published pre-1990.
2013-11-10 12:06:37 AM  

Iron Chef Scottish: So every WW2 Allied serviceman is now a hero? He was farking ground crew. It's good & necessary to pay respect to these people but 'hero'? No. And I strongly suspect the deceased would say the same.

No, not a hero, just someone who served as a soldier for his country its time of desperate need. That gets him enough respect right there.
2013-11-10 01:29:15 AM  

Bondith: macadamnut: [ image 850x590]

Is that woman crying chainmail?

I was wondering the same thing.
2013-11-10 02:23:18 AM  
i'd say that the hero tag here also applies to the people who were willing to give him the respectful burial that someone with no one who SHOULD be there ABLE to be there...  also, sometimes coincidence can be kinda amazing... monday's going to be ten years since i got this:
as my maternal grandfather had passed away a few months earlier (father's day, actually, which that hear also happened to be MY dad's birthday- THAT was a spiked bat in the feels).  happened as a result of a random conversation with my roommate at the time about how a cool way to represent me and my grandfather would be using his ww2 subvet insignia with the two fish for my zodiac sign... and my ex-roommate (who is VERY inked) had me grab the clip art version and took me to her artist on a whim.  called my mom for the "just so you know and can only yell at me not smack me, i got a tattoo tonight" at which point she mentioned it was veteran's day and both of our allergies acted up...
2013-11-10 03:35:15 PM  

wambu: No, not a hero, just someone who served as a soldier for his country its time of desperate need. That gets him enough respect right there

^^ that

not a hero
still worthy of respect
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