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(MSNBC)   Carter has his Habitat for Humanity. Clinton has his Global Initiative. GW Bush does fundraising for an apocalyptic evangelical group that wants money to convert Jews to Christianity so Jesus will come back   (msnbc.com) divider line 204
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2013-11-10 04:00:53 AM

ArgusRun: mamoru: enry: Why want to be raptured if you already believe you're going to heaven when you die?

Because they think they'll be able to avoid responsibility for the stupid decisions they are making or have made?

I think it's more that the rapture would finally be proof to believers and non-believers alike that the believers were right.  Faith is hard.  Even harder in modern times when once miraculous natural phenomena are easily explainable by science.  The rapture is their "I told you so."

I almost feel bad for them.  To wait their entire lives for something that will never come.

So kinda like Cubs fans?
2013-11-10 07:35:19 AM

Alphax: enry: flondrix: enry: IIRC he's Episcopal, which I find to be one of the 'saner' ones

Episcopalians allow gay clergy and aren't creationists.  I seriously doubt GWB is an Episcopalian.

Ah, you're right (about W's religion).  He was Episcopal until 1977, and is now a Methodist.

As a Methodist myself, I never believed he acted like one at all.

Poor GWB. Never got a damn thing entirely right, did he?
2013-11-10 11:02:05 AM

Karac: Habitat for Humanity?  Pftt - that's not even one of the top two most interesting thing's Carter's done since leaving the White House.

See this thing here?
[static.guim.co.uk image 460x276]

That's called a guinea worm.  It's been a plague on mankind since .... well since the was a mankind.  The Carter Center has lead eradication efforts since the mid 80's (when there were three and a half million cases a year).  For 2013, as on August 31st, there's been one hundred and fifteen.  Jonas Salk eradicated polio, Edward Jenner made the smallpox vaccine, some nameless guy killed the last dodo - and Jimmy Carter worked to eradicate this bugger.  "People who've successfully managed to commit speciecide" is probably a smaller list than "people who've been Presidents of the US".

The Carter Center has also done a lot of work fighting trachoma - blindness caused by flies around the eyes like you see in all those "25 cents a day can save the life of a child" commercials.  To do so, it has constructed some 2.9 million latrines worldwide ... which to the best of my knowledge makes JImmy Carter the leading shiat-house builder in the history of the world.

A couple of years ago I saw a video about this at the Carter Center when I was attending a 3 day conference about mental health.  Rosalynn Carter has been an advocate for people with mental health disorders for a long time.She gave a speech the first day at dinner after a short video showing some of the works that the Carter Center was involved in doing.

We were served salmon that evening.  Most of us had a hard time eating after seeing that video.

Rosalynn had just come back from Afghanistan late the previous evening.  She was at the conference, bright and early, at 8:00 in the morning.  If it were me, I would have had to take a day just to recuperate from all she did over there.  The work that Jimmy and Rosalynn still do for humanity is incredible!
2013-11-10 05:37:26 PM
But, it's totes cool, guys. The Republicans don't let that garbage influence their policies any more. Now they want it to match up with Atlas Shrugged.
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