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(New York Magazine)   "Atheism's track record makes the Spanish Inquisition seem like Disneyland by comparison" and other truth bombs from Sarah Palin's latest money grab   ( divider line
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2013-11-09 06:19:02 PM  
Let's think this through: Without God as an objective standard, who's to say what's wrong and what's right?

Let's think this all the way through.

Is there anything your god could command of you that you would refuse to do because it was cruel or evil?

1) If you answered no, then this is not morality, this is merely might makes right. Also, stay the fark away from me, psycho!
2) If you answered yes, then you have some other, non-god, standard of what is right and wrong
3) If you answered "my God would never ask me to do something so horrible, see #2
2013-11-09 06:31:06 PM  

netweavr: Atheism is what happens when you remove God from the classroom and deconstruct the nuclear family unit.

2013-11-09 06:33:25 PM  

IlGreven: malaktaus: IlGreven: miss diminutive: - Let's think this through: Without God as an objective standard, who's to say what's wrong and what's right?

If any more stupid could be crammed into one person she'd collapse in on herself to form a moronic black hole.

Mrs. Palin: We atheists get our moral values from observation of the world around us and empathy for our fellow man.

You get your moral values from a book that explicitly endorses slavery, outright commands the execution by stoning of children for being stubbornly disobedient (Deuteronomy 21:18−21), and the nearest equivalent available in the technology of the day of nuking entire cities, following up with conventional weapons to make sure every living thing in them is slain, and wiping the city off the map forever if apostates preach there and the people listen (Deuteronomy Chapter 13 ― towards the end, but do read the whole chapter).

Who has the moral high ground, again?


No, the mere fact that she has to consult a book to behave like a normal human being is enough for me.

2013-11-09 06:44:12 PM  

poorcku: [ image 850x562]

/spot the religious...
/protip: they are not standing...

/mother russia loves you


Hey look, it's the only good type of religious person.
2013-11-09 06:56:23 PM  

whatshisname: Communism isn't a religion.

It can be. Maybe you're not trying hard enough.
2013-11-09 07:17:42 PM  
Biological Ali:

maxheck: It's fashionable for people to say "well, they stomped on existing religions and therefore were atheists!" when in reality they just changed the name of the god.

That's a bit of a poor argument. The Soviet Union's leadership very clearly were atheists - however, the bulk of what they actually did was unrelated to atheism. The harshest persecution and purges that they carried out were against fellow Communists and atheists (like the Trotskyites) for the crime of having a slightly different political philosophy, and they were quite content to spare and co-opt religious institutions (like the Russian orthodox church) if they were politically subservient.

The main problem here is that some people are under the impression that a substantial proportion of the deaths attributed to the Soviet Union consisted of them hunting religious people and killing them for no other reason than being religious, even though this wasn't even remotely the case.

One of the first things you do if you want your ideology to be ascendant is to demonize any competing philosophies. Some of us 16-year-old 5th graders remember how the proto-teabaggies (aka The John Birch Society) shouted that John F. Kennedy was getting his marching orders from the Vatican.

Stalin stomped on existing religions for the same reason existing religions stomp on other, competing existing religions. To take out the competition.
2013-11-09 08:01:52 PM  
To expand on what I've said...

A large percentage of say... China has animist or shamanistic faith. No one in Beijing is losing sleep over some random hill country tribe believing this or that, they're willing to take the Roman approach there. However, things like Tibetan Buddhism or Falun Gong, that needs to be met with tanks and propaganda campaigns because it's a coordinated challenge to the philosophy they want in control.

Again, it's a matter of "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Even if that god is named "international communism."
2013-11-09 08:17:39 PM  

JerseyTim: SilentStrider: FlashHarry: i forgot to add:

• the best thing to happen to the democratic party since FDR

Ted Cruz seems to be giving her a run for her money on that one.

Oh, this would be Derpistania.
2013-11-09 09:27:39 PM  
I wonder how much stuff the Palin's buy made by slaves in a country that poisons children's food and water...and then I wonder how much toxic waste she makes over the course of the holidays which kills other people's children so she can have a nice display..and then I wonder why Palin doesn't spend time with night and I'll make her an atheist :)
2013-11-09 09:37:47 PM  

Voiceofreason01: miss diminutive: - Let's think this through: Without God as an objective standard, who's to say what's wrong and what's right?

If any more stupid could be crammed into one person she'd collapse in on herself to form a moronic black hole.

I've got a theory that she's actually very smart and capable but acts a bimbo because it plays well with the rubes.

You're thinking of Ann Coulter.
2013-11-09 11:48:04 PM  

Elegy: ITT: Libtards just can't deal with a smart, sexy, powerful conservative woman.

Who might you be referring to?  Ann Coulter fails on "sexy", Michele Malkin on "powerful", and Victoria Jackson and Sarah Palin on all three.
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