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(Orlando Sentinel)   "It smelled like something was dead. Then we went into the room and found a bunch of dead pets"   ( divider line
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2013-11-08 03:27:08 AM  
The third woman was not charged due to mental issues, the report said.

Words fail me.
2013-11-08 03:29:24 AM  
2013-11-08 03:36:57 AM  

Gyrfalcon: The third woman was not charged due to mental issues, the report said.

Words fail me.

I'm pretty sure "mental issues" covers all three pretty well.
2013-11-08 03:46:08 AM  
i151.photobucket.comView Full Size

/only reaction I can muster
2013-11-08 03:46:59 AM  
I don't understand the article. Which are the animals again?
2013-11-08 03:55:19 AM  
I bet the bad smell was from all the dead, rotting animals and rancid feces.
2013-11-08 04:10:28 AM  
Some people can't afford stuffed animals.
2013-11-08 04:19:41 AM  
At least she didn't find a bag of dead potatoes.  That would have been badder.
2013-11-08 04:43:31 AM  
Imagine what their vaginas smell like if they cant figure out what to do with a bunch of dead, rotting animals in their hotel room. Just saying
2013-11-08 04:45:58 AM  
2013-11-08 04:59:21 AM  
This is a knotty problem with noose apparent solution.
2013-11-08 04:59:21 AM  
There's a whole dead cat in every bar of Dead Cat Soap.
2013-11-08 05:19:15 AM  
what's a goin' on in here, now?
2013-11-08 05:20:18 AM  
convictedforgrape.comView Full Size
2013-11-08 05:47:31 AM  
farm8.staticflickr.comView Full Size

"Hey, buddy. You got a dead cat in there? Or what?"
2013-11-08 06:04:10 AM  

JesusJuice: I bet the bad smell was from all the dead, rotting animals and rancid feces.

You never cease to amaze me with your astute observations.
2013-11-08 06:42:10 AM  
The women didn't know what to do with the animals so they wrapped them and put them in the crates until they could find a solution, the report said.

Why didn't they throw it in the dumpster?

For the weak ones, why didn't they just let it loose and the animal control would pick them up and humanely off them.
2013-11-08 07:12:39 AM  
Dead puppies
Dead puppies
Dead puppies aren't much fun
They don't come when you call
They don't chase squirrels at all
Dead puppies aren't much fun

My puppy died late last fall
He's still rotting in the hall
Dead puppies aren't much fun
Mom says puppy's days are through
She's gonna throw him in the stew
Dead puppies aren't much fun
2013-11-08 07:18:11 AM  

some_beer_drinker: [ image 500x282]

Don't blame him.  At least he buried them.  In a fake movie, of course.

It's so sad that animals suffer so much cruelty  I don't have any kids (except four-legged ones) so that's my cause, O.K.?
2013-11-08 07:22:50 AM  
Bad Boy Bubby, anyone?
2013-11-08 07:51:40 AM  
Less than five miles from my front door. I hate this state. I really do. Anyone got a job offering relocation either north of the Mason Dixon or west of the Mississippi?
2013-11-08 08:48:51 AM  
Did it smell like something was evil dead?

2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2013-11-08 10:46:07 AM  

SpdrJay: Some people can't afford stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are actually much cheaper than the real thing, but to get the really good ones, you need to shell out a little more than most are willing. For example, These:

These are my favourites. These are perfect to have for anyone that cannot have pets or the pets they desire to have in their condo/apartment/house

In other news, these people should all be institutionalized. People who get pets, should be financially stable. I am very thankful that they did not show any photos.
2013-11-08 02:35:15 PM  

T-Servo: [ image 480x288]
/only reaction I can muster

Pretty much this.
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