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(The New York Times)   The FDA is suddenly not so sure that taking vegetable oil and making it solid through a complicated chemical process involving hydrogen gas makes the resulting product "generally recognized as safe"   ( divider line
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2013-11-07 01:31:15 PM  
2 votes:

noitsnot: It ain't complicated.  I think they just blow hydrogen through heated oil with some nickel catalyst.

Pretty much.  Hydrogenation is sophomore level college chemistry.  A bit of unsaturated oil, a catalyst (palladium on carbon is often used), toss in a tiny bit of acid, and let the hydrogen flow.

This is only described as complicated by those trying to drive traffic with bullshiat headlines.
2013-11-07 01:09:58 PM  
2 votes:
Good, the shiat is terrible for you but is almost impossible to avoid.
2013-11-07 02:05:33 PM  
1 vote:

cirby: Magorn:
Which might explain why it ain;t just humans but even lab rats and mice on strictly calorically controlled diets who have been getting bigger at alarming rates

You have to remember that during the same time they started really pushing unsaturated (AKA "trans") fats as a "healthy" alternative to prevent heart disease, they were also telling us that we should eat less meat of all kinds and eat more bread and other carbohydrates.

Which, it turns out, is exactly what you should do if you want to increase cholesterol levels, increase heart disease, and make people gain lots of weight. So now we get to watch a lot of folks quickly dismantle 40+ years of dietary information while pretending they never said it in the first place.

Preaching to the Choir on that one.   Was massively Obese in my 20's despite working out every day and eating a low-fat diet.   Went low-carb instead just before I hit 30 and dropped 100lbs in 4 months. kept it off for more than a decade, even though I let people convince me low carb was unhealthy and went back to eating normally.   got a type II diagnosis for my toruble so I went back to the low carb eating, carved 50 more lbs off in 4 months, stabilized my blood sugars and have been on a single minimum does of 'beetus medicine every day mostly as a precaution.

"Nutritionists" piss me off.
2013-11-07 02:00:16 PM  
1 vote:

meat0918: HotWingConspiracy: The Institute of Medicine has concluded that there is no safe level for consumption of artificial trans fats.

That's a bit scary, how long has the industry been putting it in to food?

Started in earnest in the early 50's but really ramped up in the 60's onward

That's a pretty crappy graph. Nobody with a shred of intellectual honesty would mess with the time scale the way that chart does -  who made that?

[ image 850x503]

Oh. I am not surprised.
2013-11-07 01:56:42 PM  
1 vote:
It isn't that hard to avoid trans fat for me. However, I love cooking and baking and I love butter (or shortening, applesauce, coconut oil) so I make most things from scratch.

Still, I've been waiting for this ban. Everyone has been waiting for this ban. McDonalds eliminated trans fat in 2006.

They believe this ban will prevent 7,000 deaths a year. If there was a carcinogen in makeup causing 50 deaths a year it would be banned. The FDA is going to start regulating dog food because tainted dog treats have killed 580 dogs (total).
2013-11-07 01:34:53 PM  
1 vote:
Who forgot to pay their bribe?
2013-11-07 01:28:47 PM  
1 vote:

bucket_chemist: Enigmamf: While I approve of this conclusion about trans fats in particular, subbie's scare-mongering of food technology in general is incredibly ignorant.

This. I love it when people who know nothing about chemistry talk as if they have a PhD in chem.

\has PhD in chemistry

I almost went to college to become a chemist, but realized even though I loved chemisty, I didn't want to do it as a career.  Decided on chemical engineering for a time (the promise of a high paycheck drew me) then decided "fark being a glorified plumber", I'll write computer programs.
2013-11-07 01:27:35 PM  
1 vote:

Enigmamf: While I approve of this conclusion about trans fats in particular, subbie's scare-mongering of food technology in general is incredibly ignorant.

Yes, I imagine we could do:

FDA is suddenly not so sure that the taking food and thermally damaging the cells membranes causing the creation of mostly unknown and unpredictable breakdown products makes the resulting product "generally recognised as safe".

i.e. they are thinking of declaring cooking dangerous
2013-11-07 01:12:36 PM  
1 vote:
While I approve of this conclusion about trans fats in particular, subbie's scare-mongering of food technology in general is incredibly ignorant.
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