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(WFTV Orlando)   Burger King robbed by man with an assault rifle. That seems an excessive amount of firepower just to get $89 and a Whopper   ( divider line
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2013-11-04 01:37:58 PM  
I'm sick of hearing about proposed restrictions on gun purchases. If someone wants to kill a shiatload of people, they'll find a way to do so, no matter how many laws restricting specific types of guns are enacted.

Just for the love of Christ stop saying that the second amendment is about having the power to go against the government if they get out of hand. For one thing, they've gotten out of hand a long time ago and you haven't done shiat. Second, that notion was concocted when everyone involved had muskets. Not the case today. Third, go watch Duck Dynasty and forget what the government is doing to you and drop the Red Dawn fantasies.
2013-11-04 11:16:55 PM  

arentol: Maxor: TuteTibiImperes: arentol: Fark It: >$900 rifle (assuming it wasn't a .22 or airsoft, which I think is a much stronger likelihood than an actual "assault rifle") and you knock off a BK?

He must be one of those idiots who panic bought his AR at triple the market price and is now desperate for rent money.

No. The article says it was an Assault Rifle. Legal assault rifles are worth WAY WAY more than $900. Even one in bad condition is worth at least $5000.

I am curious how they know it is an Assault Rifle though. It doesn't sound like he fired it or left it behind, and they haven't caught him yet. So how do they know? Very strange.

Here's something that looks like an assault rifle to me for $800.  What would make that not an assault rifle?

It is semi-auto only no select fire switch for full auto or burst fire.

I disagree on the price being in the 5,000 range for an assualt rifle, especially if you allready have your class 3 license that said you aren't looking at a finished decent quality firearm for less than around a grand usually. At least you weren't last time I went pricing a couple of years ago...

Here is 3-year-old discussion of pricing on an AR-15 automatic lower, 10k+:

And another from earlier this year, 14k+:

Drop In Auto Sears might cost you less than the lowers discussed above, but they will still cost well more than 5k.

Sorry, civilian automatic weapons cost a LOT these days.

I don't disagree prices have gone up and highly collectible guns are very expensive. That said 30 seconds worth of searching found 2 less than $4,000 on a buy now price with a no reserve auction.">http: //
and">http:/ /

You get a decent gun show and there is moderate chance of being able to score a gun from one of those drop in conversions or a gun with an ugly stock or redundant in a collection in the $1500 to $2000 range.  I'm not an expert on prices by any means and haven't been super actively collecting firearms in the last few years.  (2008 was really hard on me was in banking at the time)  But around then list price was around $1500 to $2000 for a non matching scar or a reweld gun but if you knew someone or were just generally a cool person and willing to hunt around a bit you would find a better deal.  There is also quite frankly a huge number of ak clones and ar based guns that were sold legal as semi auto but are either perm modded or have a drop in sitting more or less next to them in this country.
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