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(WHSV Harrisonburg)   Mother allows child to dress up as Klan member for Halloween. There's really nothing else to be said   ( divider line
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2013-11-03 11:23:40 PM  

The_Original_Roxtar: John Buck 41: The_Original_Roxtar: John Buck 41: Cup_O_Jo: Virginia =Not SOUTH.

Could've fooled me. I was down there all last week. Saw more Stars 'n Bars than I could count and I couldn't understand a word anyone said.

what part of Virginia? there's a big difference between a place like alexandria or charlottesville and a place like roanoke.


yeah... panhandle va is old coal country. meth and poor people.
compare to arlington

Well, if you carve out Northern Virginia, then yes, the rest of the state is definitely Southern, both in good & bad ways. Roanoke is "South", but it's still a wonderful city in which to live -- I'd certainly rather be here than Charlottesville, if for no other reason than the traffic monstrosity that is Route 29 in that city.

As for farther down the panhandle, yes, but some of those poor people are pretty wonderful. And some of them are awful, wretched sorts who give them all a bad name. Un-CSB:

A friend of mine was the president of the Pulaski County Jaycees (Pulaski is just a stone's throw away from Wytheville), and each year they put together the local Christmas parade. This lady is pretty redneck, but in a sweet country-girl way, and for her, "some of my best friends are black" isn't just something she'd say to avoid being called racist.

So she and the other Jaycees are lining up all of the parade entries in the assembly area, and one entry was listed just as some family name -- a few guys in a jeep. As soon as these guys left the assembly area and were in the parade itself, they unfurled Klan flags and drove down Main Street displaying them. Of course, the local paper reported on this, and AP picked it up and ran the story. My friend was mortified, but when you've got a dozen or so people trying to put a parade together, you can't monitor everything. Here she and the Jaycees had tried to do something nice for the community, and a few white-trash jerks made it into something awful, making the whole community look bad.

And then there's Craigsville. I grew up in western Augusta County not far from there and went to the same high school as all of the Craigsville kids. The place had a reputation for being just plain mean. Even the rednecks from Swoope & Deerfield made fun of Craigsville for being even more ridiculously redneck. It's a sad little village without a stoplight, an economy, or much of any prospects for the people who live there. I'm not at all surprised that this news story came from there.
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