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(CNN)   If a plane crashes at the airport and there's nobody there, does it still make a huge fireball explosion?   ( divider line
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2013-10-30 03:15:32 PM  
2013-10-30 03:18:24 PM  
Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that Been there done that
2013-10-30 03:24:12 PM  
This story, previously greenlit or not, is nonsensical. I saw a documentary last week about Nashville going to hell apart from the "music tourism" part, and because it was a massive FedEx hub that had dozens and dozens of cargo jets in and out every second of the overnight...but it was half-dead for daytime passenger traffic.
2013-10-30 03:27:47 PM  

One time, my fellow Civil Air Patrol buddies were flying a routine night time mission to track down an Emergency Locator Beacon (ELT) going off somewhere in New Jersey. They tracked it down to the shore, where it turned out it was a false alarm from a small boat at the dock. So they turned around and started heading north. They picked up another signal, followed it to Princeton airport at two in the morning. they land, and slowly taxi down the runway, waiting for the indicator needle on the tracker to flip just as passed the airplane giving off the signal. They were assumiong it was another false alarm from a parked aircraft.

Needle didn't shift. They taxied to the end of the runway, stopped, turned on their landing light again. There, before them, was an entire Cessna, hanging in the trees at the end of the runway. Turned out our subject was impressing a girlfriend by taking her up for a night flight, screwed up somehow, and plowed into the trees around midnight. Nobody knew it happened, because...DAH DUM DUMMMMMM.....

They were both killed at impact.

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