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(Globe and Mail)   Canadian Prime Minister: Senator Duffy is lying. Senator Duffy: Here's a photocopy of the cheque   (theglobeandmail.com) divider line 56
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2013-10-29 12:14:41 PM

MooseUpNorth: Muta: Thanks Barfmaker. I thought Duffy was actually in charge of something, something budget related. Wasn't he the one who was on a fishing trip with his son in Nova Scotia and needed to get to a wedding so he order the military to send in a helicopter to pluck him out and get him to the church? Please use small words in your explanation; I am from the US so I am barely literate. Most of what I know of Canadian politics I learn from Rick Mercer

You're thinking of Defense Minister Peter MacKay. Duffy was the main parliament pundit for CTV News, our right-leaning news broadcast, prior to his appointment to the Senate. As a senator, he's literally known _only_ for this scandal.

It was Duffy's decision to air "false starts" of an interview with then-Liberal leader Stéphane Dion in the runup to the 2008 elections that put Harper in office and the senate seat was a gift to that end.....
One muses if Duffy still knows how to operate a camera and could catch Harper in something similar as a going away gift?
2013-10-29 12:40:05 PM
Harper is about to learn a valuable lesson: don't appoint media people to the Senate. It's like pissing into the wind. Stick to appointments of dumbass hockey players, party bagmen, astronauts and other people who generally talk in sentence fragments.

Count down to appointment of astronaut Hadfield to the Senate ... ten ... nine ... eight ... Hey, if I knew if I was counting days, weeks, or months, I'd tell you ... seven ....


Headline:  Senator Hadfield says PM should stop gagging scientists and other employees of the Canadian People

Countdown to firing from Senate begins in one minute.
2013-10-29 12:40:55 PM
Holy crap! It didn't downsize! Unlike everything else that Harper has ever looked at.
2013-10-29 12:46:26 PM

mrEdude: harper is an emotionally crippled douchebag selling Canada, like Mulroney, to the highest bidder.

I wish him a slow, lingering and painful death ASAP

from natural causes

Did you know that cancer of the anus was even a thing?

I discovered it when people were using 911 as a metric. I looked around for something silly and found that about 9,000 white American men die each year of cancer of the anus--voilà! Three 911s worth. That's just men and just white men. Cancer of the anus kills way more than three 911s but I don't know how many of the victims are female or black or what not.

But just as 911s are a silly but useful metric, so is cancer of the anus. It's so obscure that most people don't even think about it as a joke.

Yup. It sure would be a shame if some politicians were to die of something as silly and obscure as cancer of the anus.

Ripe with poetic justice and irony, that would be.
2013-10-29 10:41:34 PM

BATMANATEE: Does this look like the face of a liar?

[img.photobucket.com image 400x503]

Looks like the face of a sociopath.

He also governs like a sociopath.

Wait, duh, of course. He's a sociopath.
2013-10-29 10:45:13 PM

Kurohone: some_beer_drinker: BATMANATEE: Does this look like the face of a liar?

[img.photobucket.com image 400x503]

can we get rid of this fark tard now? how did this obvious douche sandwich get elected? oh, yeah, he stole the election...

How did he stealthe election?  I mean yes, there were the robocall shennaigans, but they didn't affect enough ridings to tilt the balance, AFAIK.

I mean, it's _appalling_ that he won.  Somehow Canadians decided to give a reactionary, corrupt government, a government that just weeks before had been caught literally writing the word 'NOT' on duly passed legislation before signing it to deny funding, and turned it from a minority into a majority government.  This happened, and I still don't really know how.  I'm guessing it was 'the evil you know' vs. 'I make Mitt Romney look principled Ignatiuk' and 'We Love the Moustache, but hate the Party'.

And what scares the crap out of me?  Next election might actually be _worse_.  Look at the opposition...if you dare.  Tom 'I just can't stop talking, even when I should' Mulcair, and Justin 'Trudeau!' Trudeau.  And I won't even have a meaningful vote this time...at least last time my riding was in play.  Now that I'm in the farm belt again, not so much.

I think the biggest reason the Conservatives have gained power was the huge financial scandal the Liberals were embroiled in. I didn't vote conservative, but I felt that nobody deserved my vote. Had I known then exactly how bush-like Harper really is, I would've voted Liberal anyways.

/They've since earned my vote
//The Liberals, that is
///Coming out in favour of marijuana legalization goes a long way...
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