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(Yahoo)   Traditionalists warn that pro-gay Anglicans are widening church's rift, stance   ( divider line
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2013-10-25 05:59:55 PM  
7 votes:
Dear Traditionalist Anglicans,

As an American Anglican, also known as an Episcopalian, also known as a "Hey Padre, can we speed this sh*t up, kick-off is in 20?" Christian, allow me to clue you in to a little fact:

Our religion started when Henry VIII got butthurt because the pope wouldn't let him ditch his current wife and get some fresh tail. We exist as an organization only because a king wanted a little strange. Any call to "tradition" from us is absolutely absurd. Knock it off. Go be nice to someone, it's the only thing we have.
2013-10-25 03:01:39 PM  
3 votes:
It's just crazy to think that members may want to split over someone's right to marry who they choose! Henry VIII would never have believed the Anglican Church could come to this.
2013-10-25 05:42:03 PM  
2 votes:
"Traditionalists"?  That's what they're calling bigots nowadays?
2013-10-25 04:36:29 PM  
2 votes:
"There is no sign yet that there is any return to Biblical standards," Peter Jensen, general secretary of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), told Reuters at the group's second meeting since it first convened in Jerusalem in 2008

If you're not stoning people to death for working on the Sabbath, you have no biblical standards.
2013-10-25 08:44:56 PM  
1 vote:

DeltaPunch: Heamer: Do these people think that gays are just going to disappear or something?

[ image 850x400]

My 51 year old uncle is marrying his 37 year old boyfriend, so I'm getting a kick.
2013-10-25 06:19:44 PM  
1 vote:

BojanglesPaladin: Yeah. The Episcopal Church (American Anglican) is gonna split over gay ordination. And it looks like the gay ordaining part will be the small part.

Which will be interesting, because it seems that the church property is held by the LOCAL parishes, meaning that the Bishop and parish can just up and walk away and be another church at will. A lot of them seem to be looking at the Catholic Church, and the Catholic church is making come hither eyes, saying "please come home, all is forgiven".

Episcopalians have always been catholic light anyway. "All the salvation, half the guilt!"

Im pretty sure all Episcopal church held by the Episcopal Church USA. A couple of churches in my diocese tried to secede after being in less than good standing for a while. The national church, not our diocese, seized the property and placed it under the control of the diocese.
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