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(NPR)   Need to lose weight? Eat some almonds   ( divider line
    More: PSA, clinical nutrition  
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2013-10-25 02:07:36 PM  

Katie98_KT: I am all for eating nuts, healthy, etc etc.

But the article recommends 1.5 oz. that's like, a half cup of nuts? a day? (just googled- internet says 1/3 of a cup- still a lot to eat EVERY day).

Not really... That's about the perfect snack amount... I'm in love with these:

content.costco.comView Full Size

Each tube is 1.5 oz... Sometimes, I'll eat two!
2013-10-25 03:44:35 PM  

INeedAName: More food that is good for you, but too expensive for poor people to purchase with any regularity!

Give up cable, stop eating out and get a cheaper car.  That is if your heath is your first priority.  If you are ranking entertainment and bling higher than health, continue to use your almond money on a car. You gotta set your priorities.

Almonds are between $6-$8 per pound.  There are 16 servings in one pound.
2013-10-25 07:29:55 PM  

Persnickety: RogermcAllen: Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: I know the paleo goofballs live their almonds. I prefer a variety of almonds, cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and yes, even peanuts (the horror!)

I sure hope the paleo people are eating authentic paleo bitter almonds and not the more recently domesticated sweet almonds.

Except that the bitterness was cyanide and it would kill you.  The almonds we eat are cultivated with a genetic mutation so they won't kill you.

/don't ever eat wild almonds

That's the point.  Most of the bullshiat things paleo diet people eat were cultivated/created by humans just like all of the "bad" things they try to avoid eating.  Anyone dumb enough to think that delicious almonds are natural or that paleo people ate them should kill themselves.

/Not sure if it's true, but I read somewhere that sweet almond trees can actually start dropping bitter fruit over time
//Some of these bitter almonds actually make their way into your food
///Bitter almond is the smell of maraschino cherries, and is one of the most prominent of the 23 flavors in Dr. Pepper
2013-10-26 02:35:14 AM  

brantgoose: when was the last time you saw a fat crazy person on the street?

obeygiant.comView Full Size

he's sorry that he got fat
he will slim down
2013-10-26 07:40:55 AM  

WeenerGord: brantgoose: when was the last time you saw a fat crazy person on the street?

he's sorry that he got fat
he will slim down

Isn't he dead?
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