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(BBC)   EU parliament votes to stop sharing data with US, still thinks they have a say in the matter   ( ) divider line 60
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2013-10-24 05:04:07 PM  

MaliFinn: C'mon Michelle Bachmann, say something crazy and stupid about this, don't let us down, we know you're good for a batshiat quote

I'm surprised she and the other tea drones aren't putting the boot into Obama about the NSA shenanigans.
2013-10-24 05:06:37 PM  

Gawdzila: Phineas: It's amusing/ironic/stupid how many liberals were butthurt about FISA courts and how they handled warrantless surveillance, and how easily those some butthurt hypocrites are OK with a much broader and more intrusive surveillance because OBAMAAAAA

As a far left liberal, I don't know what you're talking about.  I'm not okay with it at all.
However, he is using powers that were specifically granted by Bush and his goddamn Patriot Act, a piece of lawmaking that I hated and wanted to repeal precisely for this reason. But I must also point out that the Patriot Act was overwhelmingly supported by Republicans and the right-wing in general.  And now THEY are complaining about Obama actually using it??  It's the right-wing being hypocrites here, or at least just blindly stupid for supporting such an intrusive piece of legislation without having the slightest clue what it meant.  But hey, it's called the Patriot Act, it must be unpatriotic not to support it, hurr durr.

That's the thing though. The Republicans are not making much noise at all. The scream about non-existant scandals but ignore real scandals.
2013-10-24 05:16:27 PM  

The Numbers: Some 'Splainin' To Do: So, fine, if you want to score points for liberal hypocrisy then, by all means, be my guest. When you're over that, can we put all this partisan bickering aside and agree that unchecked government surveillance and black budgets are unhealthy things for democracies to be flirting with, because I'm kind of getting tired of the whole my team vs. your team dynamic

Then perhaps, per your handle, you'd like to clarify why you've assumed I'm a Republican? To me, someone tired of the partisan dynamic wouldn't be so willing to perpetuate it by assuming someone criticizing one 'team' must belong to the other 'team'.

Oh, for heaven's sake, really? First of all, I didn't assume you were a Republican. I assumed you were a conservative. I made that assumption on the basis that you were taking liberals to task, thus indicating that you probably didn't consider yourself one. I suppose that I should have carefully considered the possibility that you're just some variety of independent, rather than a conservative, but, seriously, you're going to take me to task over that!?

Fine. I apologize for leaping to a conclusion. Much as you leaped to the conclusion that I was assuming your a Republican, so I suppose we've both done a bit of leaping, yes?

Now can we move on, or do you still want to score more petty points for... well, I'm not exactly sure what your reasons are, to be honest, and I certainly don't want to make any more assumptions. So what exactly is your beef, again?
2013-10-24 05:23:54 PM  
What's sad about this? US spies on others and gets discovered, spied on allies don't want to share anymore. Cause and effect?
2013-10-24 06:53:09 PM

Is shocked--SHOCKED--to find foreign nations spying on one another!
2013-10-24 07:42:14 PM  
I still think the best way to beat the NSA is to use something as simple as a book cipher. If you're the president of france, or brazil, you can openly say a series of numbers and only the person for whom the message is intended for would know which book to use as a cipher... 

This was proven to be effective in  , when a retired General for what was supposed to be the losing side of the War Game ended up winning by pretty much relying on anything but electronics for their communications.

Eventually, they forced the General for the "losing" side to actually follow a script, so the "US" could win their war game...
2013-10-25 04:41:42 AM  
I knew this pic would come in handy one day.
2013-10-25 05:45:14 AM  

Rurouni: Oh the EU... desperately clinging onto the hope that they still matter internationally in our modern world.

You're probably one of these clowns who were predicting the downfall of the Euro a year, or two, ago.

Face it, the EU is growing, the USA isn't.
2013-10-25 06:00:57 AM  
As if they've never spied on anyone.  Governments spying on friends and enemies has been around as long as there's been governments
2013-10-25 10:48:47 AM  

Phineas: It's amusing/ironic/stupid how many liberals were butthurt about FISA courts and how they handled warrantless surveillance, and how easily those some butthurt hypocrites are OK with a much broader and more intrusive surveillance because OBAMAAAAA

I see you are inventing a non-existent bogeyman liberal to be a convenient enemy again. Are you a liar or just a deluded idiot?
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