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(CBS News)   Teens who exercise may see a boost in their grades. Researchers admit it's only a theory until they finally find a teenager who either works out or has good grades   ( divider line
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2013-10-24 09:49:27 AM  
It does seem to be a common theme at the fencing club. Almost all of the high school kids are carrying 4.0 averages.

That could be more of a "it takes a very specific kind of person to practice fencing four nights a week" thing than an "exercise helps with the grades" thing, though.
2013-10-24 10:15:52 AM  
I believe it. My daughter is a gymnast, and works out 5 days a week. I was concerned that so much time in the gym would be hurting her grades, but then she had a non-gym related injury, and was out of the gym for nearly four months. Despite having lots more time to do school work, during this time her grades went down. Once she was healthy and returned to her daily workouts, her grades improved back to their previous levels.
2013-10-24 10:32:41 AM  
Or they could get a few with bad grades and force them to work out. They'll stop being fat and they might see a boost in grades. It is a win either way.
2013-10-24 11:18:21 AM  
It's only a Hypothesis! A theory has been upheld through repeated testing.
2013-10-24 11:35:52 AM  

Richard C Stanford: It's only a Hypothesis! A theory has been upheld through repeated testing.

Came here to offer the exact same smug remark. Beat me to it.
2013-10-24 12:06:39 PM  
Most of the kids at my school who were pulling 4.0s were also seasoned drinkers and pulling trains on the weekends.

/if you know what I mean
2013-10-24 12:08:40 PM  
Or people who are intelligent by most measures care about their physical health.
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