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(Slate)   Let us now praise the Vitamix - the Ferrari of blenders   ( divider line
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2013-10-21 07:25:22 PM  
1 vote:

blender61: no let's not.

if you think ""This machine is going to change my life." " , then have no life and need to get one.

Given we spend about a third of our waking lives preparing and eating food, totally changing the way you prepare food can indeed "change your life", without being some sort of tragic weirdo.
2013-10-21 06:47:09 PM  
1 vote:
My brother and sister-in-law got a Vitamix about a year ago. They had just had a baby. She has Down syndrome and to this day struggles with liquids. At the time, she was struggling with solid food as well, so they had to feed her through an n-g tube. Mom could not produce enough breast milk to feed her everything she needed. The daughter also inherited the mother's lactose allergy (no, not intolerance, allergy), so virtually every single kind of supplemental formula on the market screwed with her digestion to the point that they simply could not feed her. Their only option was to make their own formula and push it through the tube.

Enter the Vitamix.

This thing made producing the two different kinds of formula they used with her a breeze. Literally all they had to do was toss the ingredients into the jar, flip the switch a few times to basically turn the mixture into a super-thin soup, and pour it into the syringe that connected to the feeding tube. It turned feeding from an impossible process to a...well, it was still pretty laborious, but they could at least feed her without spending the entire day making the formula.

/pro-tip: pour a bit of soap into the jar with some water and turn it on to instantly clean the entire thing
2013-10-21 02:13:25 PM  
1 vote:

jaytkay: FlashHarry: jaytkay: So does my $50 blender.

yeah, no.

Really? Can you tell me exactly how my blender is not working? Have you been using it?

apologies. i'm sure your blender "works great." i thought you were inferring that it works the same, which it does not.

i've had a cheap blender too (a $75 kitchenaid), and it "worked great" as well... well, until it started leaking. anyway, the point is, the vitamix doesn't just "work great," it works better than anything else out there. there is virtually nothing this thing can't blend. as a result, you can do a lot more with it.

the main reason i love it, though, is that it's built like a farking tank. it's made in the USA and has a 7-year warranty. i'm sick of replacing shiatty appliances. i'm guessing i won't have to replace this one for a while.
2013-10-21 01:52:55 PM  
1 vote:

Marcus Aurelius: No love in here for Blendtec.  I always wondered if anyone bought them.

Guess not!

They're pretty baller. There's a reason Vitamix stole the wildside design.

I make snow in mine. For snowcones Hawaiians can be proud of.
2013-10-21 11:44:17 AM  
1 vote:
you can friction-cook soup in it. seriously. think about that for a second... you can literally bring a liquid up to a near boil through pure friction. sure it takes about 8 minutes on high, during which time you'll think a 747 is landing on your roof... but it can be done!
2013-10-21 11:36:40 AM  
1 vote:
behold NINJA, the ninja of blenders
2013-10-21 11:36:26 AM  
1 vote:

FlashHarry: i have one, and it farking rules.

Agreed - I positively love mine.  It's one of the few small appliances I truly don't want to be without.  It does things nothing else can.  If I throw all the ingredients in the jar the night before, it takes me maybe 5 minutes to make my breakfast smoothie in the morning - which involves flipping one switch and leaving it to go while I brush my teeth.

I, too, winced at the price tag when I bought it, thinking "WTF am I doing?  Am I really about to spend $400 on a blender??"  It was a luxury present to myself.  And I have not regretted one penny of it.

That thing farking RULES.
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