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(CNN)   Bad: 870,000 Toyotas recalled. Worse: Because the airbag could randomly explode in your face. AGGHHH GET IT OFF ME: Because the cars may be infested with spiders. Sweet dreams   ( ) divider line
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2013-10-18 09:29:02 AM  
Glad I drive a Mazda.
2013-10-18 10:05:23 AM  
I am more interested as to why any control module in a vehicle is mounted in a place that could possibly get wet?
2013-10-18 11:58:55 AM  
I cracked the windshield in my Prius once by hitting a spider.

/from the inside, with my fist
2013-10-18 12:03:23 PM  

Triumph: What kind of idiot engineers don't account for that?

My 2001 Silverado had a sort-of-similar problem. We found it early a couple of times, and eventually they issued a recall (or maybe it was a TSB).

Symptom: Sometimes the truck would indeed act "like a rock", refusing to start.

Problem: AC tubing (not drain tubing, just the metal Freon-carrying pipes) ran above the distributor cap. Condensation would drip down upon said distributor cap, eventually causing corrosion and lack of spark.

Solution: IIRC it was something over top of said cap.

It confused the dealer when the recall went out, the records showed we hadn't had the fix, but the fix was there, and attempting to explain to them that we probably partially inspired the recall produced only blank stares.
2013-10-18 12:44:10 PM  
I want your skull: What a car infested with spiders may look like
[ image 640x640]

fark this shiat, that one has a mana bar.
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