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2013-10-17 03:40:27 PM  
Welcome to Farktography!

This Week's Theme: "Weather 2: Weather or Not"

: Photograph terrestrial based weather phenomena: sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, fog, wind, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, sleet, hail, ice, mudslides, flooding and rainbows. For photos in which the main subject isn't the weather itself but rather evidence of weather, the subject should be directly affected or interacting with the weather. Difficulty: Each entry must have a different kind of weather.

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:
- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Please note:
The overarching ideal behind Farktography is that image corrections are acceptable, while adding or removing elements in the image (e.g. removing telephone poles, adding Elvis) is not acceptable. Levels, curves, contrast, saturation, crop, and black-and-white conversion tools may be used judiciously, but not to cartoonish or unrealistic extremes. Avoid applying artistic filters for the purpose of mimicking film, tilt-shift, toy camera, etc type effects. HDR and panorama stitching either in-camera or in post processing are not allowed unless specified for a particular theme (true multiple exposures done in-camera are acceptable, however). See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.

Legal: All photographers submitting photos to this contest are the legal copyright holders for the photos submitted and the photos are not to be considered free for any other use without written consent from the submitting photographers.
- Drop by the Farktography Forum on Fark (new window) or (for chatting, critique, techtalk and so on)
- Stats can be found here.
2013-10-18 03:03:33 AM

Thunderheads at sunset
(This is the same system that devastated Joplin, MO on May 22, 2011)

(Pops to my site where you can view larger or my B-sides)

2013-10-18 03:04:13 AM  
2013-10-18 03:05:02 AM

An E-Z Up Tumbleweed from Wakarusa 2013 (Weather type: WIND, and lots of it)

Tornadic storms hit the campground overnight and blew all the E-Z Ups around until they gathered in groups like tumbleweeds.
The next day, people started hanging random objects on them and they became "art installations."

(Pops to my site where you can view larger or my B-sides)

2013-10-18 04:17:53 AM  
Lo-quality iPhone shot:
2013-10-18 04:19:03 AM  
Another bad iPhone shot:
2013-10-18 02:36:22 PM
2013-10-18 02:40:19 PM
Ice storm. January 10, 2011.
2013-10-18 02:48:46 PM
2013-10-18 03:50:18 PM
2013-10-18 05:34:11 PM
2013-10-18 06:26:28 PM
2013-10-18 06:27:52 PM
2013-10-19 12:15:48 AM

2013-10-19 12:22:35 AM

I had to look it up to learn that this rainbow-tipped cloud formation is called a "circumhorizontal arc."
2013-10-19 12:26:40 AM


2013-10-19 11:04:46 AM

Rain in Amsterdam

2013-10-19 12:24:56 PM

2013-10-19 12:27:50 PM
2013-10-19 12:32:27 PM
2013-10-20 08:15:13 PM

Big old tree knocked down by big old thunderstorm

2013-10-20 08:22:19 PM

Storm clouds swirling overhead.

2013-10-20 08:23:36 PM

After the storm, sun.

2013-10-21 01:08:58 AM

Clouds just starting to form for the next day's rain.

2013-10-21 01:19:09 AM

"Biblical Flood"

A week after last months flooding, just up the road from me in Loveland, CO.  Still trying to figure out what model that is, I think it's a Chrysler Air Stream, but does anyone know for sure?  The debris makes me believe it was completely under water at one point.

2013-10-21 01:26:35 AM

"High Park Homestead"

One of the few survivors of the High Park Fire, June-July 2012, in the Buckhorn Canyon west of Fort Collins.  The area was devastated, but this picture just goes to show that something beautiful can come out of something destructive.  Touring the area was surreal, I've spent a lot of time in that wilderness area, and it looked post-apocolyptic that summer.

2013-10-21 01:29:55 AM

"My favorite campsite in the whole world"

It's free and gives you one of the best views of the most photographed area in the country.  That night we got a couple inches of rain, and the fog lifting off the valley and partially obscuring the snowy Tetons made it look like something out of Tolkien.

2013-10-21 07:51:25 PM

Winter Morning at High Falls and Browns Race
Rochester, NY
February 1, 2013

No, they didn't cancel school or shut down the city. It's relatively normal around here.

2013-10-21 08:02:23 PM

Deer at Mendon Ponds Park
In the Aftermath of Snowmageddon

February 9, 2013

About 16-18 hours after previous photo
Somehow we didn't lose a single day of school...

2013-10-22 01:38:54 PM

storm clouds
2013-10-22 01:40:29 PM

October frost
2013-10-22 01:42:00 PM

After the storm
2013-10-23 09:38:29 AM  
2013-10-23 09:40:07 AM  
2013-10-23 09:58:33 AM  
2013-10-23 05:33:44 PM
Desert Rain

2013-10-23 05:34:39 PM

2013-10-23 05:36:15 PM

2013-10-23 05:54:49 PM

a storm comes over mammoth hot springs
2013-10-23 05:59:30 PM

my back yard during a monsoon or something
2013-10-23 06:00:53 PM

wind and snow, roadside in yellowstone
2013-10-23 06:41:23 PM

mid Halloween snow storm October 2011
2013-10-23 06:42:26 PM

before the sunrise
2013-10-23 06:44:40 PM

blue skies
2013-10-23 08:36:23 PM

2013-10-23 08:37:44 PM

2013-10-23 08:39:02 PM

2013-10-23 08:45:38 PM

Tuggerah Lake
New South Wales, Australia

2013-10-23 09:03:51 PM  
Rainbow Over Epcot
2013-10-23 09:08:53 PM

Stormy day at the 12 Apostles
Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia

(If you look close, you can even see the rain drops on the lens!)

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