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(   Harrison Ford hit with 50m quid divorce settlement. Calista Farkhard says it's OK, she'll cut back on the groceries and diet   ( ) divider line
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13902 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jan 2004 at 1:29 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-19 12:34:31 AM  
I like skinny girls. I like fat ones too. Though not "Michellin Man" fat. That's bad.
2004-01-19 01:31:48 AM  
whats a quid
2004-01-19 01:33:45 AM  
What the hell is a quid?
2004-01-19 01:34:16 AM  
I think a quid is one of those weird things that swims in the ocean, has ten tentacles and likes to attack sailing ships?
2004-01-19 01:34:52 AM  
I believe a quid is a British Pound. So 50m quid is like 100,000,000,000,000 US dollars. Give or take a few zero's
2004-01-19 01:36:01 AM  
How much is that in real money?
2004-01-19 01:36:53 AM  
Just repeat after me: Men run the world. Say it enough and it'll be true. That's why a woman that shacked up with Mr. Ford is entitled to a portion of royalties that occur in the future.

/c'mon, need a spark...
2004-01-19 01:37:58 AM  
Funny they got married on the set of "Apocolypse Now" who couldn't tell it would end badly?
2004-01-19 01:38:27 AM  
I love how women always score undeserving amounts of money in divorce settlements (when the man is rich and/or makes more money than her, of course).

Wait, except my mom. I'm proud to say she decided to take less money in order to put a sad situation in her life behind her.
2004-01-19 01:45:40 AM  
In other news, Calista is helping by renting herself out at the nearby college as a skeleton!!
2004-01-19 01:48:12 AM  
Quid= British pound. At the current exchange rate, it works out at 90m US dollars. Ouch.
2004-01-19 01:48:37 AM  
If this is right, it's about $89,935,000
2004-01-19 01:49:56 AM  
Oh, by the way speak ENGLISH, then I might oggle the figure... Oh wait the British speak English, well speak US English.
2004-01-19 01:51:15 AM  
In other news, Calista is helping by renting herself out at the nearby college as a skeleton!!

But she had to bulk up a bit first...
2004-01-19 01:51:43 AM  
I bought the 4-DVD Indiana Jones Box Set last month.

Watching the 4th disc "Making Of" features, it turns out Harrison Ford is not the sharpest knife in the Ginsu set.
2004-01-19 01:52:12 AM  
So did harrison get tentacle raped?
/doesnt know what quid is
//sounds suspiciously octopussian
2004-01-19 01:52:17 AM  
A quid is a piece of chewing tobacco. The old-fashioned kind, not snuff.

You're welcome.
2004-01-19 01:55:55 AM  
2004-01-19 01:51:43 AM theurge14
I bought the 4-DVD Indiana Jones Box Set last month.
Watching the 4th disc "Making Of" features, it turns out Harrison Ford is not the sharpest knife in the Ginsu set.em>

I got it too...
I didnt necessarily think he sounded stupid, just incredibly boring. God, they managed to interview everybody
from those movies, and he was the only one they could have left out.
2004-01-19 01:56:44 AM  
stupid <em> tag
2004-01-19 01:57:56 AM  
50m quid is all she ask for
Everybody got their vices
2004-01-19 02:01:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-19 02:03:58 AM  
That's alot of quid for some quiff.
2004-01-19 02:06:29 AM  
found on google ...

British pound, pound, pound sterling, quid -- (the basic unit of money in Great Britain; equal to 100 pence)

i think it works out to 90 Million US dollars.
2004-01-19 02:08:27 AM  
2004-01-19 02:03:58 AM RockIsDead

That's alot of quid for some quiff.

You mean queef I think.
2004-01-19 02:13:50 AM  
Headline cracked me. Bravo.

There is no such thing as the Giant Quid Man.

2004-01-19 02:17:23 AM  
quiff, queef

Either works about the same for a bad pun.
2004-01-19 02:39:00 AM  
Larkaen wrote: "If this is right, it's about $89,935,000"

Omigawd, giant quid!
2004-01-19 02:39:01 AM  
Headline writer, could you save me a seat on your handbasket? I believe I'll be going as well.

2004-01-19 03:05:27 AM  
I thought he just broke up with the waif?
2004-01-19 03:40:38 AM  
Well, that makes Mrs. Ford the world's most expensive hooker.

Serious Harry, you should have stuck to Thailand. Poon-tang is a lot cheaper there!
2004-01-19 03:42:05 AM  
By the way, since women are getting these kind of outrageous settlements, they have proved they are not equal. Voting priveledges and the like should be revoked.
2004-01-19 03:47:04 AM  
I think the intented word was "quim"

You see, girls? Proof that not doing anything for yourself really is more profitable.

I want a Sugar Daddy for my birthday.
2004-01-19 03:53:17 AM  
i totally agree with Twister58201
2004-01-19 03:54:17 AM  
Today's word is prenup. I wonder if there's been a case when a man divorces his wealthy wife and he gets millions from the settlement (provided there was no prenup).
2004-01-19 03:56:59 AM  
bloody british

this is an American site

take your monopoly money and slang somewhere else

/wants flame war
2004-01-19 04:13:07 AM  
"Funny they got married on the set of "Apocolypse Now" who couldn't tell it would end badly?"

My thoughts exactly. Almost "ironic" in some weird Alanis Morrissette-style.
Horror, the horror
2004-01-19 04:23:47 AM  
I can't believe so many of you haven't heard the term 'quid'.
2004-01-19 04:34:48 AM  
$90 million for 16 years of marriage.

That's about $15,000 *per day*

I roughly calculate that's equivalent to
daily 24-hour service from 25 Hungarian pornstars.
For 16 years.

2004-01-19 04:35:17 AM  
A quid is a slang term for a british pound...kinda like americans calling a dollar a "buck" least that is what my British pal tells me..they do have some farked up money in the UK! I've never been able to make heads or tails of it! (unintended pun!)
2004-01-19 04:42:33 AM  
Yep, quid is slang for their pound notes. The money isn't that hard. I was over there for a week and it was easy to figure the stuff out. They just have a few coins more than we do.

As for cricket....that's a whole other demon onto itself. :P I serious have sat through several sets and don't understand how a game could go on for days.
2004-01-19 04:52:41 AM  
Why did he marry that skank in the 1st place...
2004-01-19 05:13:45 AM  
Wow, I know the word "quid" from movies like Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch and stuff. I'm so cosmopolitan...
2004-01-19 05:22:09 AM  
As an American living in Britain I can safely say that making fun of British money isn't all that funny anymore, especially considering it's worth so much more than American dollars. When I return to the States the British pounds I've been earning over here will be worth so much in dollars that I'll be rich (not really, but at the current exchange rate I'll have quite a lot of money). Now, making fun of Canadian dollars is okay because they're not really worth anything at all.
2004-01-19 05:33:11 AM  
(turning a strange shade of red at cricket joke)
It isn't that hard you know, think baseball except for the fact that the batsman is out first time if it goes behind him (and hits the wooden thing) and that you have to get 10 people 2x, instead of 3 people out 9x. There is very little difference (except in minutae like LBW which stops the guy putting his leg in the way so it cant hit the wooden thing and that you have two men running in straight lines, instead of one man running in a circle).

Now American football, there's a game which makes no sense whatsoever ;)
2004-01-19 08:54:05 AM  

Bout the only thing that deserves a stupid tag are the moronic comments asking what a quid is. Xenophobic twits.
2004-01-19 09:10:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Pay up, Solo.

Now you're in bantha poodoo!

2004-01-19 09:10:06 AM  
why is she asking for so much? I thought Ford's wife had some hollywood job of her own, like producer or something.
2004-01-19 09:13:56 AM  
You go girl!
2004-01-19 09:19:14 AM  
why is she asking for so much?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

If I was 53 years old, attractive for my age, and took my marriage vows seriously, and my dickhead husband ran off with someone 30 years younger and too skinny to stand up, I would probably try to kill him. Ford's ex-wife is downright reasonable and civilized to be asking for money rather than blood.
2004-01-19 09:46:07 AM  
It's better than that settlement with Lando, he lost the Falcon in that game of sabacc.

And chewie, his life partner, never asked for anything when he went galavanting off with that petite princess.
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