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(Newser)   A Japanese firm with the unfortunate name Fukushima Industries found itself the target of mockery on social media after unveiling a new mascot with an even more unfortunate name: Fukuppy   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Fukuppy, South China Morning Post  
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2013-10-15 01:31:38 PM  

Medic Zero: ReapTheChaos: What's even more unfortunate is when idiots take a foreign word and try to pronounce it as if it's English. That word doesn't sound like you people think it does.

Maybe they should spell it differently in English then?

This, really. Fuku-pi is a little more in line with most of the standard romanization techniques, and doesn't lend itself quite as well to this unfortunate mispronounciation.

It's pronounced "foo-koo-pee". Stress the first syllable (you actually shouldn't stress any syllables -Japanese doesn't work that way- but stressing the first syllable provides a reasonable approximation). If you really want to get pedantic, that F is somewhere between an F and an H, but F is closer. Besides, "hook-uppy" is nearly as bad as the other common mispronunciation, especially given that the character looks like an egg.
2013-10-15 01:32:51 PM  

stuffy: Needs long tail tentacles.

2013-10-15 01:55:49 PM  
foo-koo-pee?    It's chopped liver on a ritz cracker.
2013-10-15 08:15:30 PM  
thesecondlunch.comView Full Size

And Chang himself said it's no coincidence that it sounds like 'motherf**ker'. (it means lucky peach in Korean)
Great cookbook, btw.
2013-10-15 09:35:34 PM  
Sofa King awesome.
2013-10-15 10:00:04 PM  
assets.inhabitat.comView Full Size

It took this long? Really?
2013-10-16 01:17:39 AM  

rnatalie: foo-koo-pee?    It's chopped liver on a ritz cracker.

More like "foo koo'ppee".  Hit the "p" for longer than normal.

Flakeloaf: This thing reminds me of Togepi. Maybe the name comes from the same place and is just one of those cute portmanteaus gone wrong? Fukushima + pyopyo = Fukupy?


Nah, it's just than in Japanese "ppi" is added to names (usually boys' names) to make a "cute" nickname.

You might be familiar with the Sanrio frog character "keroppi".  Same thing.
2013-10-16 12:38:46 PM  

YoOjo: So where can I get that on a t.shirt?

Make your own.

1) Save image
2) Print to iron-on transfer paper
3) Transfer to your own t-shirt
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