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(USA Today)   Just in case you hadn't already figured it out, those "sports supplements" would probably get you banned in real sports   ( divider line
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2013-10-15 09:12:05 PM  
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psychopathic tendencies: shut_it_down: psychopathic tendencies: Cybernetic:

Complex molecules like these also usually exist in multiple shapes. For example, amphetamine exists in "left-handed" (levo) and "right-handed" (dextro) forms that have vastly different potencies.

Chirality, BIATCH!

yup, and l-isomer amphetamines are stimulants while d-isomer amphetamines are decongestants.  So I've heard.

So then, if we took orange Ny-Quil and reversed the chirality, we'd meth???? ????

Orange and blue are opposites, if Portal has taught me anything, so yeah, maybe.

/Put it in the wash machine on spin cycle. No, the other way, dumbass!
2013-10-15 10:35:42 AM  
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A Terrible Human: And this is why any sort of supplement,including vitamins,needs to be inspected the same way prescription meds are. Just because you can buy it over the counter doesn't mean it's safe. It just means you payed a bunch of money for some snake oil and the dude who made the snake oil is ass deep in hookers and blow.

Yep, this is also my argument against the homeopaths when they start spouting off about the Evil money grubbing drug companies.

"If they were so money grubbing, and this stuff actually worked, don't you think they'd have the monopoly on selling it?"
2013-10-15 06:54:03 AM  
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Thanks media, another drug that I was unaware of that I can use.

Gotta run.
2013-10-15 05:59:31 AM  
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Whole Wheat: Well, their sales just exploded.


I worked for a company marketing supplements last year and the crew I worked with were largely gym junkies. They used to ignore the option of taking free samples of the products we distributed and buy their own online. I asked why. A girl with absolutely no scientific knowledge explained it to me: "The stuff we sell here doesn't even have a warning on it not to take it if you're pregnant or sick. It's obviously crap. I want the stuff with the health warnings on it because then I know it's doing something."
2013-10-15 05:57:10 AM  
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So, that means they work?
2013-10-15 04:19:34 AM  
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Right. Because so many athletes are getting banned for steroid and stimulant abuse.

Newsflash: All athletes illegally use steroids and stimulants. Only a very small handful ever get penalized for it, much fewer get banned.
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