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(Fox 59)   If staplers are outlawed only outlaws will have staplers...and pizza   ( divider line
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5383 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2013 at 6:02 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-10-11 05:21:21 PM  
Has anyone seen Staplermofo recently. This seems like one of those times when we are pretty sure of the perp's fark handle.
2013-10-11 06:06:48 PM
2013-10-11 06:08:12 PM  
The goddamn Batman is stealing pizzas now?

/going to set the building on fire...
2013-10-11 06:10:33 PM  
www.stupid.comnow with high capacity magazine!
2013-10-11 06:26:47 PM  
YOU: stapler may have for me, BUT I : HABE PIZZA FOR YOU HA
2013-10-11 06:30:17 PM  
Staples keep the pepperoni from sliding off the pizza.
2013-10-11 06:42:14 PM  
I can't be the only one thinking it funny it was on the street North Arsenal?
2013-10-11 06:56:26 PM  
Paging staplermofo to the thread. Paging staplermofo.
2013-10-11 07:09:05 PM  

EvilEgg: Has anyone seen Staplermofo recently. This seems like one of those times when we are pretty sure of the perp's fark handle.

It's been quite a while. I should shoot him an email or text or something.
2013-10-11 07:09:34 PM  
I have a high capacity stapler, and I'm willing to use it.
2013-10-11 07:18:02 PM
2013-10-11 07:18:07 PM  
I'm going to need you to move your desk ALL the way back.
2013-10-11 07:25:36 PM  
Did Pappa John's boy give no-goodski his O face?
2013-10-11 07:35:48 PM
I actually just bought one from the local Staples because it was on sale. Not like I really needed a stapler, actually.
2013-10-11 07:41:12 PM  
watch out for the guacamole though
2013-10-11 08:00:43 PM  
When the perp is caught, will they try to send him to federal pound me in the ass prison?
2013-10-11 08:16:33 PM

2013-10-11 08:47:10 PM  
That was easy.
2013-10-11 09:04:22 PM  
Is this where everyone posts pictures of their office staplers performing sex acts on the tape despenser?  that was a strange thread
2013-10-11 09:19:41 PM  
Was it a high capacity assault stapler?  Those things are dangerous, they have no business being in the hands of every day citizens.  It is ironic, though, pizza being a staple of the diet of so many young folks.
2013-10-11 10:08:29 PM  
I'm surprised the driver was able to hold it together.
2013-10-11 10:21:02 PM  

Karma Curmudgeon: That was easy.

*snerk* Well played.
2013-10-11 10:49:57 PM  
Now, if only the pizza guy had something to defend him with:
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