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(Mirror.co.uk)   Man who has had sex with over 1,000 cars has finally settled down with one lucky VW bug, says it was manifold destiny   (mirror.co.uk) divider line 120
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2013-10-10 04:58:04 PM
I am not parking anywhere near this guy.
2013-10-10 05:19:10 PM
I'm saving myself for when I meet the right car.
2013-10-10 05:26:52 PM
Sounds exhausting.
2013-10-10 05:31:45 PM
Read that as 'in' rather than 'with' first pass through, was admiring the guy until reread it.
2013-10-10 05:32:35 PM
... and even he thinks bronies are weird
2013-10-10 05:33:23 PM
I'm a headlights man myself.
2013-10-10 05:34:06 PM
Hahhahahahahahaha weak. That was the title of a "cook on your car engine" book last century. Hahahahahaha. ha.
2013-10-10 05:34:45 PM
"Edward has only slept with one woman, who he had a one-night stand with in San Francisco, but it had little impact on him."

I think i see the problem.
2013-10-10 05:35:03 PM
I came.
2013-10-10 05:35:16 PM
"He remembers first "cuddling and kissing" a model James Bond Aston Martin as a youngster before finally losing his virginity to a neighbour's Volkswagen Beetle."
2013-10-10 05:35:16 PM

violentsalvation: Sounds exhausting.

I bet he's tired.
2013-10-10 05:36:12 PM
Pro Tip: the Bug can be very uncomfortable place.
2013-10-10 05:36:34 PM
Guess he better slow his Mustang down.
2013-10-10 05:36:36 PM
2013-10-10 05:37:46 PM
As headlines generally have nothing to do with TFA anyway, wouldn't this have worked better?
Man who has had sex with over 1,000 cars wants to conquer more, says it's manifold destiny
2013-10-10 05:38:43 PM
"I know some people will see it as weird but there are a lot of weird things in this world. I am not hurting anybody and I don't intend to hurt anybody." (link to article about sex in public places)

Yes, because having sex in public is apparently just as weird as having sex with over a thousand cars.
2013-10-10 05:39:03 PM
It's the only way to live. In cars
2013-10-10 05:39:08 PM
Clown car: It's not a vagina.
2013-10-10 05:39:43 PM
Whats with the Simba/Lion King stuff?
2013-10-10 05:39:51 PM

that was my nickname in highschool: violentsalvation: Sounds exhausting.

I bet he's tired.

Brightside is that he's been with so many, I doubt anything shocks him anymore.
2013-10-10 05:39:59 PM
So he's the guy that has the paid membership to the Transformers porn site.
2013-10-10 05:40:24 PM
the dude farked Airwolf. Play on, playa.
2013-10-10 05:40:32 PM

Martian_Astronomer: Clown car: It's not a vagina.

Ahahah oh God.
2013-10-10 05:41:59 PM

Car Bangers approve!
2013-10-10 05:42:35 PM

Martian_Astronomer: Clown car: It's not a vagina.

Mods please replace the headline or post a repeat. This deserves to be a HOTY nominee.
2013-10-10 05:44:57 PM
Maybe he's gay and prefers jacking it.
2013-10-10 05:45:26 PM

GRCooper: ... and even he thinks bronies are weird

You are SO lucky I wasn't drinking anything when I read that.
2013-10-10 05:46:26 PM

echomike23: It's the only way to live. In cars

Okay. He is farking sexy. And ages backwards.
2013-10-10 05:46:26 PM
She understands this guy.


2013-10-10 05:46:40 PM
He's been with so many. I hope he's been using seat covers or his injector is going to suffer the consequences.
2013-10-10 05:47:33 PM
since this is Fark, one must accept his alternate life style as being just a "normal" as hetero-sex. after all, i'm sure he's really a '62 buick born in a mans body.
2013-10-10 05:47:44 PM
One more...

"pssst hey buddy, want to see a fully blown Jetta?"
2013-10-10 05:48:22 PM
2013-10-10 05:48:41 PM

SirEattonHogg: She understands this guy.

[cineplex.media.baselineresearch.com image 482x700]


Oh, yeah, that was a farked up movie. What was the name of it?
2013-10-10 05:52:59 PM
Jill'sNipple:   Oh, yeah, that was a farked up movie. What was the name of it?

Yeah it was.  "Crash".

Much better than that later film with the same name.
2013-10-10 05:54:34 PM

Sandvich is loose cannon: Whats with the Simba/Lion King stuff?

That was my mane question with this article. He has Lion King painted on his "other" car, and posters next to the pictures of his conquests.
2013-10-10 05:54:39 PM
No references to SNL's "Mercury Mistress" skit? Ya'll are slacking!
2013-10-10 05:54:43 PM
From the pics he appears to have also had sex with the helicopter from Airwolf.  My childhood is ruined forever.
2013-10-10 05:55:18 PM
FTFA:  ...and a 1193 Ford Ranger called Splash.

I would imagine the Blue Book value would pretty much be zero at this point.
2013-10-10 05:56:00 PM
Is it a Cumann Ghia?
2013-10-10 05:59:00 PM
2013-10-10 06:00:15 PM
This is why lesbians ride harleys
2013-10-10 06:01:13 PM
FTFA:  The 62-year-old from Yelm, Washington, United States is a mechaphile - meaning he is sexually attracted to machines.

L. Ron Hoover:
Well, you have nothing to fear, my son!
You are a  Latent Appliance Fetishist,
It appears to me!

That all seems very, very strange
I never craved a toaster
Or a color T.V.

L. Ron Hoover:
Latent Appliance Fetishist
Is a person who  refuses to admit to his or herself
That sexual gratification can only be achieved
Through the use of MACHINES . . .
Get the picture?

/ Don't get no jizz upon that sofa, sofa
2013-10-10 06:01:14 PM
2013-10-10 06:01:56 PM

Ya gotta get that clearcoat. Yah.
2013-10-10 06:03:00 PM
Aw Jebus Cripes, I thought that was bird crap.
2013-10-10 06:04:37 PM
He is aware that that isn't actually sex right? Saying you have sex with cars is like saying you have sex with a dildo. That's just fapping instrumentally.
2013-10-10 06:05:00 PM

SirTanon: [www.rrbew.co.uk image 522x364]

Not even gonna ask.......
2013-10-10 06:05:03 PM
I'm watching the Mecum auto auction right now, and I'm guessing he is too. The difference is that my pants aren't down around my ankles

/really, they're not
//trust me
2013-10-10 06:05:49 PM
So he went for the only car with the engine in the back?

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