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12693 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jan 2004 at 11:19 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-17 05:02:22 PM  
Not shocked but I wanna see that lab girl naked
2004-01-17 05:35:08 PM  
I thought that thing was cancelled weeks ago.
2004-01-17 05:50:33 PM  
The sad thing is that Enterprise is still the best show on UPN.
2004-01-17 05:57:21 PM  
2004-01-17 06:01:13 PM  
2 Trek Today links in a day? We should send these hard hitting journalists over to Iraq. They seem to be able to cover anything decently as long as there's a star trek angle.
2004-01-17 09:32:33 PM  
I'll still always be ToastMayo 2.0 in my own mind.
2004-01-17 11:22:08 PM  
it is about farkin time. it was a really bad series.
2004-01-17 11:22:39 PM  
The sad part is, it's going to replaced by a "This is what we think you should be" show.

'cause we need more of those, right?
2004-01-17 11:22:50 PM  
No great loss. It had an interesting premis but the stories were pretty stupid.
2004-01-17 11:22:58 PM  
Such a very, very, very bad show. Good riddens
2004-01-17 11:23:10 PM  
get out of my mind clancy!
2004-01-17 11:24:46 PM  
well of course...upn offers death to those who have earned it...
2004-01-17 11:25:46 PM  
It's going to be replaced by a reality show showing people who cruise Fark all day and post 'til their fingers fall off. Then the Fark regulars vote, and the loser has to listen to "badger badger badger" for an hour straight!

...any takers?
2004-01-17 11:28:42 PM  
Jake 2.0?
2004-01-17 11:29:06 PM  
Without, how would we keep up to date which TV shows we've never seen get canceled?
2004-01-17 11:29:20 PM  
Obvious indeed.
2004-01-17 11:29:23 PM  
Why is this news? Or this a kind of "sarcastic" post. No seriously, do/did people really watch this show?
2004-01-17 11:29:55 PM  
"I guess you could say that this is hardly news."
2004-01-17 11:32:22 PM  
It's going to be replaced by a reality show showing people who cruise Fark all day and post 'til their fingers fall off. Then the Fark regulars vote, and the loser has to listen to "badger badger badger" for an hour straight!

Wouldn't that be the *winner*???
2004-01-17 11:33:39 PM  
This show was a pile of trash, but how did they really expect it to do against West Wing?
2004-01-17 11:33:43 PM  
who cares... i mean really... sure that lab chick was a babe... but other than that. i'll just watch WWE on UPN... and i'm so not a redneck.. i'm in it for the chicks... Stacy Kiebler is so yummy.. and she lives here in my hometown... so lucky me occasionally has crossed paths with her... god i would drink that girls bathwater
2004-01-17 11:35:44 PM  
Maybe UPN will air reruns of "The Mullets" to fill the void in our hearts.
2004-01-17 11:38:07 PM  
I liked it. Sue me.
2004-01-17 11:40:02 PM  
I'm not surprised... even though Jake 2.0 was a virtual castle of ass, it's VERY difficult for science-fiction shows to really take root unless they have some sort of brand-name recognition (eg Star Trek series, Stargate SG1, etc...)

Several decent shows (Firefly, Earth - Above and Beyond) comes to mind) usually don't make it. Though Sci-fi has gained in popularity, it is hardly mainstream and thus have a hard time gaining ground in the ratings game.

Babylon 5 and Farscape, more or less, are flukes. Surviving only because they were not on a network.... but on cable or syndication. They did well and lasted several seasons, but would also probably have been cancelled after 1 season if aired by a newtork. It's a sad, but true reality.

Nowadaws, the big winners are the usual fair: cop dramas, law dramas and doctor dramas.
2004-01-17 11:45:18 PM  
what's a Jake 2.0 ?

2004-01-17 11:48:08 PM  
Kiss it goodbye
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-17 11:52:06 PM  
What the fark is Jake 2.0? I never knew there was a Jake 1.0.
2004-01-17 11:52:25 PM  
Espertron- I'm pretty sure it was Space: Above and Beyond.

Earth: Above and Beyond...well, that would just be a silly name.
2004-01-17 11:53:26 PM  
Wow, a show I never heard of got cancelled. Who woulda thought.

Still, I guess I woulda liked to watch this better than some of the other crap out there. If I have to watch another American Idol commercial I'm gonna puke. Again.

BTW, is there really anything worth watching on UPN? I haven't watched it since I came down off my wresting trip.
2004-01-17 11:54:00 PM  
Yet vapid twaddle like the "O.C." survives?
2004-01-17 11:55:19 PM  
uh, not trying to start a flame war here, but just WTF is "Jake 2.0"?
2004-01-17 11:55:46 PM  
Airportmatt: Yeah, 'Space - Above and Beyond', you're right. Hey, be merciful, the night is young and I'm already nursing the beginnings of a farking outrageous hangover.
2004-01-17 11:56:15 PM  
The lab girl was hot. She made me hot all over when she started speaking Italian in one episode.
2004-01-17 11:56:56 PM  
Heh. He said twaddle.
2004-01-18 12:02:54 AM  
Jake 2.0 is a show based on the old Nintendo Power cartoon where a kid gets hit by electronics shrapnel from an exploding game console and starts living inside a video games. Or some crap like that.
2004-01-18 12:08:06 AM  
Gotta make room for Survivor: This Time We Kill Them.
2004-01-18 12:09:36 AM  
I'll ask you not to make such condescending remarks about the great Captain N, thank you very much.
2004-01-18 12:14:02 AM  
I don't know if I'm lucky or not, but we don't even catch UPN down my way.
2004-01-18 12:16:01 AM  
SUCK 2.0 I'd rather watch myself light my own farts on fire. Or repeating girls gone wild adds.
2004-01-18 12:16:04 AM  
Jake what?
2004-01-18 12:17:22 AM  
2004-01-18 12:21:10 AM  
2004-01-17 11:54:00 PM Hyernel

Yet vapid twaddle like the "O.C." survives?

It's not very surprising... A large number of people at my high school like it. I believe it should be cancelled, as most farkers probably do.

As for Jake 2.0, good riddance. Yet the idiots who control the UPN show schedule decide to put in an even worse show that garners more ratings because the majority of people are quite dumb and can't figure out that there are much better things to be doing, like watching paint dry, which is a helluva lot better than "American Idol".
2004-01-18 12:21:23 AM  
Jake 2.0 is no more. For once, a good decision by someone at a TV network...God that show sucked.
2004-01-18 12:21:38 AM  
I'm still pissed about the hours I spent hunting for a golden dragon in Dragon Warrior.

Ah, to be young and stupid.

I miss being young.
2004-01-18 12:22:24 AM  
I just knew what it was because I like enterprise.

What's really fun is when your cable is shut off and you look for something to watch with a regular antenna. There's some seriously lousy garbage on regular TV.

It's like they don't even try to make a story just put goodlooking, usually rich, mostly white people in front of a camera and call it a show.
2004-01-18 12:23:15 AM  
If you are going to talk about an old canceled SF series at least get the name right

Spacecolon Above and Beyond.

(Sponsored by Metamusil and Bed Bath and Beyond)

I used to watch a SF series that I referred to as "The worst show on TV". It had that "Can you believe this got made?" MST3K feeling to it. It was called Seven Days.
The premise was absurd.

This show started out with the bizarre notion that some terrorists would hijacked a plane and crash it into the White House, killing the President and VP. Can you imagine something that impossible? So anyway, this secret project had the ability to send one man back in time 7 days and stop the one plane from crashing into the White House which changed history. Then every week when another really bad thing happened (like a guy who wears a bomb that destroys a plane) they would send the guy back in time 7 days and fix the problem.

So I guess it was a documentary.
2004-01-18 12:25:02 AM  
The premise of the show, for those too lazy to spend five seconds looking it up on IMDB before making dumbass comments like 'whuh?', is a peon computer tech guy gets in a lab accident with some nano junk, and gets super powers. Controlls computers, hacks into stuff with his mind, etc. It was pretty lame. The first 4 or 5 ep's were good but I just couldn't get involved for some reason.
2004-01-18 12:28:00 AM  
2004-01-18 12:29:52 AM  
am i the only person that thought the show was good? i mean, i didnt watch it every week, but if it was on and i was too lazy to change the channel after enterprise, i kept watching it. and it always had hot chicks on it too.
2004-01-18 12:31:17 AM  
I, too, echo the "more lab babe" sentiment. UPN is foolish to get rid of Jake 2.0 only for the reason that every chick-with-glasses fetish dude probably watched the show. Hell the episode where she dolled up for some fancy shindig, bah -- give me labcoat and glasses any day.

Of course this may have come from my time growing up in the lab and that encounter with blonde bombshell Dr. Huffsendorfer. Talk about the laws of physics.
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