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(   Liz Hurley's boyfriend says baby may not be his. Fb- is the father?   ( divider line
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4388 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Dec 2001 at 8:07 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-04 08:08:41 AM  
Told you guys, I porked her.
2001-12-04 08:11:05 AM  
He he he
2001-12-04 08:11:22 AM  
see, that's the difference of $$$$$....if I had knock her up, I'd be bragin my ass off...."hell yeah I farked her!!"....but a millionair does it...and nooooooo..."what me a daddy???"
2001-12-04 08:11:22 AM  
He better hope he is the father. He won't be gettin any from her any more after this "released statement".
2001-12-04 08:11:50 AM  
Damn it, i hate it when i dont get credit for my posts.

2001-12-04 08:13:45 AM  
I had my doubts at first, but now, I bow in your direction fb-, will you be suing her for palimony though?
2001-12-04 08:16:19 AM  
I hope her kid is a girl, so I have something to look at when I'm old :-)
2001-12-04 08:16:21 AM  
I feel that she needs to support me and the baby with a lifestyle I'm accustomed to.
2001-12-04 08:17:39 AM  
And what would that be Fb-?
2001-12-04 08:18:08 AM  
And that lifestyle would be?
2001-12-04 08:18:47 AM  
Damn you Madcharlie!
2001-12-04 08:28:25 AM  
So she's going to give you a 12 pack of tightie-whities, a broadband connection, and a browser with it's homepage set to Fark?
2001-12-04 08:34:00 AM  
I still can't get over 13 years with Hugh Grant! Yikes!!!!
2001-12-04 08:40:19 AM  
Fb-: You sure do know how to get the ladies!
2001-12-04 08:42:24 AM  
Charlotte: Maybe she thought his name meant "HUGE" Grant, thinking it implied his manhood. Never saw another johnson before, and thought "there could be no larger unit than this!"

Just MHO.
2001-12-04 08:48:01 AM  
Those crazy rich and pretty people, cheatin and biatchin and gettin knocked up. Sounds like a celebrity version of Jerry Springer coming on.......
2001-12-04 08:50:27 AM  
Wonder if Fb- thinks every sperm is sacred...
2001-12-04 08:55:10 AM  
Liz Hurley's boyfriend says baby could be 'anybodys, really'.
2001-12-04 09:03:06 AM  
Whore alert Whore alert
2001-12-04 09:23:36 AM  
Nope sorry the baby is mine! Fb ya didnt even have a chance! She was a good fark though! I definitly would be proud to admit that. :)
2001-12-04 09:25:27 AM  
2001-12-04 09:33:39 AM  
I guess, if you want sex with a celebrity with the obvious charms of liz hurley, you just need some money, or just be in the movie or fashion biz. probably with lots of money too, she might be accustomed to silk/satin sheets.
2001-12-04 10:16:15 AM  
I am at a lose with all this "fb- is the father" stuff. what does it mean? is he some kinda super stud? or are you all teasing him for being gay or what?
2001-12-04 10:18:35 AM  
Zero, we're teasing him for being gay. Notice how Fb- talks about the "lifestyle" to which he's become accustomed.

I'll take you back, Liz.
2001-12-04 10:19:43 AM  
I hear Jelloboy is pregnant with Fb's kid too.
2001-12-04 10:25:11 AM  
I'll give a quarter to anyone who can find a picture of this Brenda Swanson...she's got to be gorgeous for him to leave Liz Hurley.
2001-12-04 10:30:00 AM  
HAHA DrDave, imagine that monstrosity.
2001-12-04 10:34:54 AM  
I did an IMDB search for Branda Swanson. Apparently she's not an actress, but an "actress".
2001-12-04 10:42:10 AM  
I tried all the search engines I know. All of them have the "movies" she was in but not a picture. Anyone up for a challenge...
2001-12-04 10:54:08 AM  
she was in charles in charge back in the day. How can you call her an "actress" we know what high quality it was....and her playing Hooker #3 was hard work
2001-12-04 11:03:52 AM  
2001-12-04 11:10:09 AM  
This producer dude sounds like a total asshole.
2001-12-04 11:11:37 AM  
img.fark.comView Full Size
Wil Wheaton announces he is the father of Liz Hurley's baby
2001-12-04 11:12:45 AM  
Stupid people, even attractive stupid people, should no farking breed! "communicating through lawyers"....should make for a fine parent-child relationship, Im sure the kid will turn out just great, having parents like this....
2001-12-04 11:19:05 AM  
Walken: I searched for all the cast on charles in charge and couldn't find her anywhere.

This is killing me. Please, someone find a picture.
2001-12-04 11:25:19 AM  
I think I may have seen her when I was "watchin" Cinemax lat....err The Odessey channel...yeah that's it...Charles in charge came on right after ALF...yeah yeah that's it
2001-12-04 11:45:57 AM  
I did some looking and I found boxes and trailers for her "work" but I am not finding any way to say which one is her...she looks rather "talented" Must be that and pretty damn hot to get him away from Liz Hurley. follow the imdb links to trailers. Her videos are highly rated by per..err viewers who have seen them.
2001-12-04 11:52:30 AM  
I found the box covers but couldn't enlarge them enough without distorting the picture too much. One would think with her reputation she would have at least one good picture of her face out there somewhere.
2001-12-04 12:21:12 PM  
That's all just a cover up. Hugh left her for me. And he says he's over the whole cheating thing now that he's found a real woman.
2001-12-04 12:53:11 PM  
Yep a good fark woman! Woohoo!
2001-12-04 01:02:17 PM  
this is what I got when searching for a pic of brenda swanson

wonder if thats actually her...and if so how'd she make it in "movies"

nlm.nih.govView Full Size
2001-12-04 01:08:06 PM  
sure the article didn't mean Kristy Swanson, she's certainly hot enough to steal a guy from Liz Hurley
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-04 01:32:39 PM  
Kristi Swanson is definitely better looking than Liz. And I would fark her given half the chance. But...the article said Brenda Swanson - who everybody has apparently farked!

Mac-send me a pic and let me see what a real woman looks like:)

Everyone else - find that pic - please!
2001-12-04 02:36:39 PM  
On a completely unrelated side note, I think there's a rooster with emphysema outside my window somewhere ... in the middle of Seattle ...

Anywho, I damn well better be the father, I've porked her enough times as is!
2001-12-04 02:49:18 PM  
If I'm not the father then Fb- has already won
2001-12-04 05:20:47 PM  
Kristy Swanson... I still have thoughts about her "acting" in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer MOVIE....

I think I shall "rub on out" to her....

(i love that phrase)
2001-12-04 06:08:07 PM  
Damn you Lexicon!

I'm going to say it anyway!

If Fb- is the father then the terrorists have already won. So there.
2001-12-05 04:26:05 AM  
I have one question. What must it feel like to be able to dump Liz Hurley?
2001-12-05 06:35:06 PM  
EnemyFrank, It is a very GREAT feeling. But all the calls begging me to take her back, and the DOES get old after a while.
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