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(Chron)   High school student faces deadly conduct charge for puff from asthma inhaler   ( divider line
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15133 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jan 2004 at 10:00 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-17 12:49:21 PM  
People have to use inhalers other times than when they are having an attack. For 6 years I had to use not only an nebulizer in the morning with meds but I had to take an inhaler 2 times a day and 2 puffs each time, no matter how I felt. Upon that I had to take steriods so as not to damage my lungs from attacks. So in conclusion, he didn't need to be having an attack. The teacher had to be having psychosematic reaction because there is no way enough meds go into her from mist, if there was any. 1 puff doesn't make my heart race, but 2 does. She was probably just freaking out. We don't even know, she might have an anxiety disorder or even be a hypochondriac searching for a little attention.
2004-01-17 12:51:30 PM  
Another thing, uatuba, about what you said to permafrost, Do you always believe the teacher is right and the student is wrong? Because as we've seen on farks... teachers aren't always in the right.
2004-01-17 12:59:28 PM  
Kaly, you're talking to someone who used to have to use an inhaler for asthma attacks. I'm aware of the individual uses for them. I did not say that it had to be for an attack, I said *improper use,* which would include using them to "spray" people but exclude using them twice a day as a doctor prescribed. Please don't incorrectly paraphrase what I say. One spray of albuterol CAN most definitely make your heart race. How do we know the kid didn't spray the inhaler 5 or 6 times in his mouth and then blow it out? I used to do that all the time and it would look like I was breathing smoke.

And your question? No, I don't believe the teacher is always right. Teachers do make mistakes, and some teachers are irrational, but most of them aren't. And if you read the entire article, it is noted that the teacher herself said it didn't seem to be malicious. Obviously, we are not talking about an irrational teacher here if that is the case. The teacher had some problems that WERE medically treated, so obviously *something* was wrong. It's the actions of the administration/law enforcement that should be questioned...not the teacher. The teacher, especially since she said it did not seem malicious, seems to be a rational, caring educator.
2004-01-17 01:16:13 PM  

So that means if sometimes teachers are wrong, we can just not respect them and blow possibly dangerous substances into thier face whenever we feel like it?

I say he should have respected her a little more than that, shes a teacher. She probably has to put up with punks like this year after year.
2004-01-17 01:44:28 PM  

Which doctor did she go to? The school doctor? (Since when do school doctors carry medication to 'slow your heart rate?')
Or some other doctor? (She was obviously able to get to a doctor somewhere away from the school...)


all I'm saying is don't attack the teacher


Please don't incorrectly paraphrase what I say.



I asked a question, trying to clear up my confusion on what exactly the teacher did.
Since we're not clear on the details, all we know is the kid "blew" his inhaler in the teacher's face. Was that a "Slick Willy" sort of blow? or What?
And where did the teacher go to get her "heart slowing" meds?
I'm not attacking her. I'm just wondering how much dramatics are involved.

She probably has to put up with punks like this year after year.

The new zero tolerance policy at schools: "No inhalers allowed."

Police crack down on inhaler punk gangs. Numerous search and seizures held as profiling skyrockets.

"Last night I was on the corner at 3 am and I had my inhaler, and this guy walks up to me and sez 'hey punk!'"
"Yeah whatevuh!"
2004-01-17 01:57:57 PM  
I think it's interesting that she went to the school doctor and took a pill to slow her heart down (I assume he didn't inject her). If you have time to sit around and wait for a pill which a school doctor would have, then it's not an emergency. If it was an emergency, the ambulance and fire department would be there in the parking lot.

It was probably a Bayer, which probably has worse side effects than inhaler redux.
2004-01-17 02:28:07 PM  
"anathama, you're right, but it doesn't STAY THAT WAY after you have had a chance to calm down. The doctor gave her meds for not question whether or not something adverse happened to her. A doctor isn't going to give you any medicine to slow your heart rate if it has simply been elevated because of a "brisk walk" or a confrontation. The doctor probably tried to use breathing techniques (like doctors are supposed to do) to slow her heart rate down, and after realizing that it wasn't a psychological reason but rather a physiological one, he gave her the medicine."

yeah, and doctors wouldnt prescribe drugs people didnt need as well! oh wait, they do...

and, if you ask for meds, they will usually give them to you. this lady was freakig out. he probably gave her OBECALP to calm her hysterical ass down.
2004-01-17 03:01:21 PM  
askheaves, it did not say that it was a school doctor. And nitro tablets are commonly taken by heart attack patients DURING heart attacks, so your "wouldn't have had time to wait on a pill" argument doesn't wash.

anathema, you're right about the doctors giving meds if you ask for them. But we don't know that the lady was freaking out, and as I have already stated, she seems pretty rational. Why would anyone freak out from getting an inhaler blown in your face? Most people don't realize it could be dangerous, so I don't know why she would be upset.

PermaFrost, I did not mean that you had attacked the teacher. I was simply asking you not to...after all, she seemed pretty reasonable.
2004-01-17 03:02:26 PM  
they should just shoot em when they get outta line like that
damn upiddy kids
that'll show em
2004-01-17 03:15:20 PM  
Sounds like that teacher needs to get a new job if she is that easily paniced.

I have to use an inhailer occasionally. The amount of actual medication is minimal. The article makes it seem like it was some large noxious cloud. No one was asking why she was close enough to his face to be able to get any of it.

I think that she just freaked out due to ignorance and paranoia. The doctor gave her something to deal with panic, not any physical reaction.

Amazing how many things are considered an "attack" these days. Next we will hear about kids getting expelled for putting a hex on their teacher. No wonder kids aren't learning. Their teachers are turning into superstitious paranoia tweakers.

These zero tolerence goons are making life difficult for everyone. Furthermore, they are breeding contempt for any sort of authority. (So maybe it is not all bad...)
2004-01-17 03:24:08 PM  
I have that same inhailer and that thing dont do a fark'n thing to you! Well, atleast it is a good way for the teacher to make money. *cough*
2004-01-17 03:25:20 PM  
READ the article. The teacher, as in the one you're accusing of being irrational and out for money, said that she did NOT think the student did it to be malicious!
2004-01-17 04:13:26 PM  
Okay, let's do the math here. Studies that showed the stated side effects (headache, nervousness, lightheadedness, etc.) were found in double-blind studies involving the use of 180 mcg of Albuterol. Only 3% of the subjects reported these side effects, with the largest percentage (6%) reporting nausea and/or throat irritation. This was with 180 mcg of Albuterol.

A normal inhaler administers appx. 90 mcg of Albuterol per spray. Around %50 of it is lost before it even enters the lungs, (more if a spacer is used), and at least half of what is left is absorbed in the lungs. Even if the kid didn't hold their breath long enough to absorb most of it, the most he could have exhaled from one puff of his inhaler is around 30 mcg. In addition, only maybe a third of what he exhaled could have been inhaled by the teacher, unless he went up and administered mouth-to-mouth. So we're talking around 10 mcg per spray of albuterol.

In order for the teacher to recieve a dose large enough to cause the above side effects, the kid would have to have inhaled around 20 sprays of albuterol at once, and then exhaled it all in the teacher's face. In doing so, he would have recieved about 6600 mcg of albuterol.

Even if she did inhale some of the albuterol, the kid would have inhaled way more. I think I know what it is she really needs:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-17 04:25:54 PM  
I will be glad when America finally realizes the consequences of its "I'm not to blame" attitude. Despite the fact that that the teacher did absolutely nothing wrong and you are attacking this lady who even stated that she didn't think the kid meant to be malicious, the kid DID break the rules. Leave the teacher out of it, and take a closer look at the article before you comment next time. flackbish, that's a fuzzy equation. Who said the kid actually *inhaled* anything? When I used my inhaler to "blow smoke" at school, I would just squirt it in my mouth 5 or 6 times really fast and blow it back out. If you're going to use math, words like "maybe" don't work. Stop blaming the teacher. Read the article. Carefully. I guess I can see why you automatically blame the obviously didn't learn reading comprehension in school.
2004-01-17 04:47:26 PM  
"They all agree it was not malicious. However, she ended up still having that reaction that supposedly threatened her life, and so they charged deadly conduct ... the same charge as a handgun," Wilson said.
2004-01-17 05:20:21 PM  
Bill Pattillo, chief of the juvenile division of the county attorney's office is the one folks ought to be ranting at.

"Pattillo said the boy may be charged with a felony. He is still investigating the allegations, he added.

"My office believes there is probable cause to hold him for an assault on a public servant, which is a third-degree felony," Pattillo said."

Seems to me everyone agrees that this was not malicious. Why is this Patillo asshat poking his nose in?
2004-01-17 08:03:56 PM  
Why is assaulting a public servant a crime above and beyond assaulting anyone else?
2004-01-17 10:47:23 PM  
i am asthmatic.. and when *I* take my puffers.. i do not blow "what appeared to be smoke" outta my mouth afterwards ... even if i start caoughing after taking it.
soo... yeah, this teach had a high blood rate cuz she probly is paranoid and germophobic (hmm, my spelling needs help)

and i agree with whoever posted the comment that 50% of the drug is left in your mouth or on your lungs .. it's true, why do you think they tell you to brush yer teeth after taking it? the meds decay your teeth!! *little known fact that any asthmatics that read this might wanna know*
2004-01-17 10:52:38 PM  
Why is assaulting a public servant a crime above and beyond assaulting anyone else?

Uh, it's that little word "servant" there. These people work for YOU, Mr. Tax-Paying Citizen. An assault against them is an assault against you, their employer.

/Public servant and damn proud of it.
2004-01-17 10:58:35 PM  
uatuba If the kid wasn't having an asthma attack, he should not have even had the inhaler out.

You do not know much about asthma do you? inhalers are not ONLY used for attacks. they are used to protect against attacks, taken daily 1-3 times to guard against attacks. if you have an attack, you then also have what is called a 'rescue inhaler'.
just to point out you misstated your point.

ALSO an allergic reaction to Albuterol is listed as: difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; swelling of your lips, tongue, or face; or hives
2004-01-17 11:09:03 PM  
there is one person on here acting like, if a doctor gave medicine, there MUST have been something wrong..
have you paid attention to the health care system lately!?!?! meds are the answer to everything!

/sarcasm is great
2004-01-17 11:16:44 PM  
In canada, this kid would not have been allowed to have his inhaler on him. Even before the Zero Tolerance come to affect, my school district would not allow me to have mine on me, they were locked up in the office.
I'm not condoning his behaviour, i am doubting that it was possible that the teacher had a reaction.
I believe the kid may have taken his puffer and blown it in the teachers face .. yeah, punish him for that. he was disrespectful.
And uatuba you have just admitted "When I used my inhaler to "blow smoke" at school, I would just squirt it in my mouth 5 or 6 times really fast and blow it back out"
how would you have felt if you were sent to jail for it?
2004-01-18 01:18:30 AM  
I can't figure out what this kid did from the article.

Anyway, I've been taking an inhaler virtually all my life. I was the first kid in school to have one and I kept it with me at all times. I can tell you for a certainty that there's pretty much no way that you can blow enough smoke, assuming you took it incorrectly, in the face of another person and get their heart racing. This is B.S.

If this kid did it to be obnoxious, then give him a suspension or detention or whatever. I fail to see how this could possibly qualify as an assault.

Safre, if I was an authority in your school, I'd really be worried about a kid having an asthma attack and not getting treatment. It's just a matter of time before something happens in gym class and a kid dies.
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