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(Daily Mail)   Woman lures ex-boyfriend to her bedroom by undressing, striptease; her jealous new lover stabs him to death, cuts off his head. Then she convinces her father to hide the body. TA-DAA (w/mugshots)   ( divider line
    More: Scary, South Side of Chicago, Daisy Gutierrez, ex-boyfriends, Honduran, Jose Reyes, cause of death, first-degree murders  
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2013-10-08 11:52:52 AM  

thamike: Silly_Sot: PC LOAD LETTER: The Aristocrats!

I have never understood that joke at all. I just don't get the punchline. "The Aristocrats"? Eh? What's the point of it? Yes, aristocrats are decadent and do all kinds of horrible things that completely violate bourgeois, proletariat, and peasant morality. They always have. How does it become funny to associate historically decadent/aristocratic behavior with the word "aristocrats"? One might as well describe Galileo's ramps experiment, say "Gravity!" at the end, and expect a laugh.

Incest? Murder? Bestiality? Luring young women into your home to slaughter so as to bathe in their blood? All par for the course for aristocrats throughout history.

There's your problem.  The punchline is the only mundane part of the joke.  It's an anti-punchline.  You're looking into the historical significance of the word "aristocrat" after someone has just spent the last fifteen minutes describing a family shoving a flaming Rottweiler into the anuses of deaf children to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel.  The punchline, "The Aristocrats" is meaningless.  It's a throwaway title of this horrific Broadway pitch you've just been dragged through.

That's the joke.

/I must admit, though-- giving a lengthy dry history of Western aristocracy is the perfect revenge against a poor rendition of the Aristocrats joke.

I vote we drop the "Aristocrats" meme. Anybody?

/old meme is old
2013-10-08 03:23:09 PM  
I hear she gives sloppy head.
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