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(Snopes)   Fw: Fw: Fw: Fw: Spiteful Obama blocks off view of Mt. Rushmore   ( divider line
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2013-10-07 03:29:19 PM  

dewright_ca: Considering they tried to block private property (ie Mt Vernon) its hard to doubt some of the Executive Branches pettiness

For me it was when they shut down a restaurant that employs dozens of people (not government employees or in a government building) that is wholly accessed from a city owned street and whose parking is also city owned. Not a place that closed its doors due to most of their customers being federal workers that aren't there either. It's a century old privately owned restaurant that has been a landmark long before the government got involved that happens to have some of its property on national park property (because they designated it as such in the 1970's when they created the Golden Gate National Recreation Area). One would never know that the government was involved in any way unless someone told you (and odds are that they would think that you were pulling their leg). Absolutely no reason to do it either. All of their services come from the city of San Francisco, all of them. All of the employees are non-government workers. At no point does the NPS get involved in the day to day operations but they made them close it anyway. That's just petty vindictiveness as I see it.

I can at least understand it if you had to use federal land to get to it or if it used federal services for fire, security, utilities or something like that but it doesn't. Not at all. No more so than the diner 20 yards away that is open because it just barely missed the line that was drawn when they created the GGNRA.
2013-10-07 07:02:41 PM  
This is obviously satire of the actual memorials Obama has shutdown for no real reason other than theater.

Any democrats who think this was an actual claim are dumb.  Snopes certainly included.
2013-10-07 07:45:06 PM  
Mount Rushmore is closed. But you can see George Washington from the vehicle pull-off area -- if the cones aren't there.
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