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(rochester d & c)   Counterfeit $5 bills found   ( divider line
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13808 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2004 at 10:43 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-16 10:13:48 PM  
And I thought hammering out my own pennies was stupid.
2004-01-16 10:45:13 PM  
So some high school kids printed out 5's on their bubblejet? Who cares?
2004-01-16 10:47:01 PM  
Remind me why I give a damn.
2004-01-16 10:47:12 PM  
Hey, $5 bills are probably easier to counterfeit than those new Twenty's. Less stereotypical too.
2004-01-16 10:47:25 PM  
TommyymmoT: You shouldn't hammer out your penis. It's not good for it.
2004-01-16 10:50:01 PM  
Wow, top-notch reporting there.
2004-01-16 10:50:23 PM  
smarter then conterfeiting a $1 billion bill *pinky to mouth*
2004-01-16 10:51:04 PM  
I wonder if they used Photoshop.
2004-01-16 10:51:45 PM  
They won't comment on the length of the suspenders?
2004-01-16 10:51:48 PM  
Jeez reminds me of the two local kids in my town, scaned and printed a 50 and gave it to a store,,, stupid thing was they stood around in the store after the clerk said that she needed to get it authorized...
2004-01-16 10:53:36 PM  
good ole rochester media. their eye for detail is astounding.
2004-01-16 10:55:04 PM  

I don't see what they did wrong. I paid for 6 months of my TotalFark membership with a fake $30 bill and ... um ... er ...

Drew, I only paid for 6 months. I'm still waiting for my change. Send it to my Nigerian address please, thanks.

2004-01-16 10:55:08 PM  
Really, who hasn't hammered thier penis?
2004-01-16 10:58:13 PM  
Did somebody start the penis hammering without me?
2004-01-16 10:58:20 PM  
Giggity giggity....wait, why was this greenlighted?
2004-01-16 10:58:52 PM  
E before I, except on Fark.
2004-01-16 10:59:12 PM  
Leave it to Fark to have a thread about counterfeit money turn into a thread about taking a hammer to your penis.
2004-01-16 10:59:56 PM  
I regret that I have only one penis to hammer for my country.
2004-01-16 11:00:22 PM  
Yeah, Fark is great, isn't it?
2004-01-16 11:00:55 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

Hey mon, kids smoke too much ganja - forget they in U.S.

[image from too old to be available]

We jammin' now!

2004-01-16 11:01:10 PM  
Cont.... The suspect bills were made with construction paper and smelly markers. Officers found the remaining stash of counterfeit 5's using special dog trained to locate the odor of grape.
2004-01-16 11:01:12 PM  
Giggity giggity....wait, why was this greenlighted?

Specifically to piss you off.
2004-01-16 11:04:52 PM  
Is penis hammering the same as schlong gonging?
2004-01-16 11:05:44 PM  
Why is this a news?
/Must be a slow day.
2004-01-16 11:06:50 PM  
terse article
2004-01-16 11:06:53 PM  
It doesn't piss me off, the article seemed a little void of content, that's all.
2004-01-16 11:10:46 PM  
Satan made me turn this into a penis hammering thread.
2004-01-16 11:15:21 PM  
Gee that article had WAY too much information for me. At least it reminded me of why I stopped bothering to submit links. None got accepted because they obviously weren't up to this kind of quality.
2004-01-16 11:15:55 PM  
OMG, I go to SUNY Brockport!

This is cool... and yet... dissapointing.
2004-01-16 11:16:32 PM  
2004-01-16 11:05:44 PM desi0101

Why is this a news?
/Must be a slow day.

This is a very slow day. To be peronally honest, I feel the need to find SOMEWAY to turn this into a flame war.

here is my try.

2004-01-16 11:17:03 PM  
*yawn* Wake me up when they start printing three-dollar bills and trying to pay for stuff with them (but before you go-go, please).

2004-01-16 11:17:35 PM  
Suspended? They're lucky they aren't going to federal pound-you-in-the-stink-hole prison.

Remember kids, felonies aren't cool.
2004-01-16 11:18:12 PM  
continuing attempt:

2004-01-16 11:20:24 PM  
Probably because the market for counterfeit food stamps was dried up.
2004-01-16 11:23:33 PM  

2004-01-16 11:26:57 PM  
I think it's because they didn't realize that they could have just as good a time hammering their penises on Friday nights.
2004-01-16 11:30:13 PM  
*feels the beer smack right upside the head*

Goodnight. I will point out why liberal idealogy is wrong after I wake up and drink lots of water.
2004-01-16 11:32:45 PM  
mmmmm SbB girls...YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Okay now its bedtime... DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYM!!!! those are some big tatties
2004-01-16 11:36:19 PM  
so what?
2004-01-16 11:40:35 PM  
Not only is the article short, but they use........ SPACERS!!! Also, it's a Democrat and a Chronicle in one. How clever.

2004-01-16 11:40:55 PM  
I'm sorry, Mods. I haven't got anything else to do this weekend, please don't ban me.
2004-01-16 11:43:13 PM  
m'eh I do that all the time =]
2004-01-16 11:51:46 PM  
Well, yeah..., who gives $5 bills a second look?
2004-01-16 11:51:46 PM  
That article is three sentences long. I think that is a new Fark record.
2004-01-16 11:55:41 PM  
What happened to the no tolerance policy these days? These brats should be in jail right now. Wait a minute, was the principal actually able to exercise sound judgement? Maybe that's why it's news.
2004-01-16 11:57:17 PM  
high fives fishrockcarving
2004-01-16 11:59:18 PM  
They were erasing the zeros off of fifties.
2004-01-17 12:17:47 AM  
Just today or yesterday I heard a story about a guy in my area passing fake $5's too. From what I remember, he passed them in the same pizza place twice within a week, and got busted the second time.
2004-01-17 12:30:57 AM  

That's pretty goddamned funny.
2004-01-17 12:32:56 AM  
Gee that article had WAY too much information for me. At least it reminded me of why I stopped bothering to submit links. None got accepted because they obviously weren't up to this kind of quality.

I think what's even more asinine than this getting greenlighted is the fact that someone actually thought it was worth submitting.
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