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(Mirror.co.uk)   "Because your kiss [your kiss] is on my list, because your kiss [your kiss] I must resist, because your kiss is on my list of things that cause intense, crippling agony"   (mirror.co.uk) divider line 14
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2013-10-05 01:53:55 PM
Should have called in a private eye when he lost that loving feeling.
2013-10-05 01:59:01 PM
HOTY winner here.
2013-10-05 02:00:20 PM
2013-10-05 02:01:22 PM

Cause intense ear agony, as well.
2013-10-05 02:07:06 PM
She could have kissed other body parts, but I guess she couldn't go for that.  No can do.
/and here's a great version of that song with Chromeo
2013-10-05 02:07:09 PM
i think this story is a repeat, but its worth it for such a great headline.
2013-10-05 02:11:29 PM
My wife's grandmother has trigeminal neuropathy. After hearing her description of what it's like and the drugs she takes to reduce the symptoms, I wouldn't wish it on anyone...
2013-10-05 02:16:16 PM
What was Robin's declaration to Poison Ivy while on sodium pentathol, Alex?

/Flees thread
2013-10-05 02:17:06 PM
Which head was it, anyway?
2013-10-05 02:42:53 PM
Nice of them to include an example of the world's most awkward kiss.
2013-10-05 02:53:35 PM
I want to fark you like an animal.... I want to feel you from the inside...

Wrong song?
2013-10-05 03:01:51 PM
The woman sounds like a maneater to me and I can't go for that, no can do.
2013-10-05 03:07:28 PM
So what does he do when the Teflon gives him cancer or whatever it is the fringe groups think it does?
2013-10-05 03:14:55 PM
I'm happy for them; but I feel bad for the skillet that is crying and cowering in the corner.
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