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(Gizmodo)   Meet DARPA'S newest robot "Cheetah" with a top speed of 28 mph. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (w/video)   ( divider line
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2013-10-05 08:00:26 PM  

Krumet: Memoryalpha: The joints are vulnerable in the prototype.  They probably still will be in the production model.  Unless it's got a quick method of righting itself after it's been knocked over or tripped it should still be fairly simple to take one of these things out even with melee weapons.  Still I would prefer to keep some distance.  Trip it up, entangle it's legs and then set the farker on fire and hope any ammo or fuel it carries cooks off and does the rest of the job for you.  Remember this thing is not going to be a pet.  It's meant to be a weapons platform.  If you see one of these things on American soil and you can't run, do anything you can to destroy it.   The early models will be remotely controlled, so if possible booby trap the remains so that when the recovery team comes to get it, they are at the very least hurt but preferably killed.

Intrigued, newsletter, subscribe.

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/i keed
2013-10-05 09:09:02 PM  

Darwins Point-ed Stick: indarwinsshadow: Sugarbombs: Quantum Apostrophe: indarwinsshadow: Reminds me of a talk I was having with my 11 year old son the other day. We got into a discussion on computing power. I was explaining to him that 25 years ago, my top end system was an 80286 with a 10 meg hdd, 4 megs ram, 3 1/2 fdd and a vga display...dial up 14.4

Did you also explain to your son that the Boeing 747 first flew in 1969 and still looks the same today and has improved by just percentage points instead of orders of magnitude? And that therefore it's quite silly to think that people are going to colonize Mars?

I don't think the Mars portion is relevant to the thread unless BD is 3d-printing interplanetary habitats, but 747s have eliminated the flight engineer seat due to advancements in software.  Other than that, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  We won't see any eye-widening major development in aircraft design until the boom-less supersonic designs go beyond matlab and wind tunnel testing... funding pending.

Don't ignore the fact that the Navy has been doing alpha testing on drones that can land on carriers autonomously.  That's like a fly trying to land on Michael J. Fox.

I ignore QA. He's on my "don't pay attention to the trolls" list provided by Fark. I'm not interested in anything he has to say.

I too have QA on ignore, if I wanted to witness that kind of deranged blathering, I'd give my Labrador some ketamine.

Tech got threads got a LOT nicer with the ignore feature! Hint: mine has one resident.

That Linux_Yes guy?  No need to ignore him, his kernel's been patched and he's mellowed out quite a bit.
2013-10-05 11:09:45 PM  
It flat-out amazes me that they let QA just shiat up every god damned tech advancement thread with this crap.

Its a damned CLEAR violation of the far-q guidelines on threadjacking and others have been kicked off the site for it.

How long has this schtick been going on? Almost a year? Longer?

I guess the site signal/noise usability gets a back seat to ad imprints on pageviews now.
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