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(Fox News)   Officials say woman involved in today's incident at the Capitol had "no nexus to terrorism." No word on Nokia Lumia or iPhone involvement   ( ) divider line
    More: Followup, U.S. Capitol, mass panic, White House, Ed Donovan, Michael McCaul, Washington Navy Yard, Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate, security barrier  
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2013-10-04 07:43:27 PM  

Kittypie070: Hey Phinn.

What if it was President Romney in the White House that day?

For starters, every news program would be so busy shiatting bricks over his unilateral invasion to capture Syria's WMD stockpile before they could launch it at Damascus they wouldn't even notice the shutdown, let alone any of the mass shootings since 2012.

/Romney, come to think of it, was right about every foreign policy statement he made
//especially the ones John Stewart mocked him for, like saying Putin was a menace and we needed a larger presence in the Middle East
///and the funny thing is, you have no way to prove me wrong, so you'll probably resort to your usual scatological roleplaying rants
2013-10-04 07:51:42 PM  

Kittypie070: Phinn: I really don't get this type of rhetoric.  I know a lot of "Laming Fliberals", and they are not worshippers of this president, who aside from his skin color, is a centrist, rather unemotional bureaucrat.  They are not thrilled by his willingness to compromise with the Republicans or his gradual approach to winding down the Middle-East wars started in the previous Republican administration.  I'm kind of a libertarian in some ways, and I think he's doing a good job of keeping everybody slightly disappointed, which in my mind is what good governance looks like.  All this "Magificence" and "Obamessiah" BS comes from the White Ring.

I was referring more to a pervasive reverence for government generally, and the concomitant reverence for the symbols of the State.

Case in point, I refer to another post in this very thread that's representative of that theme --

Gyrfalcon: As to her motive, who knows; (we'll never know now) but this wasn't a case of mad-dog cops run amok. Also, she ended up at the White House, and there's no way the Secret Service, in this day & age and with this President, is going to do anything but shoot first and nevermind asking questions. Whether you're a drunken fool going the wrong way or a crazed gunman, if you run the gate at the White House, you may as well figure you WILL die at t ...

Hey Phinn.

What if it was President Romney in the White House that day?

I suppose it's possible I could care less than I already do ... in theory ... I guess.
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