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(Gizmodo UK)   Lethal dose for marijuana confirmed to be 1120 lbs   ( divider line
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2013-10-03 12:10:39 AM  

NutWrench: busy chillin': And the new ad campaign "STEERING WHEELS KILL. REMOVE YOUR STEERING WHEEL FOR SAFETY!" starts tomorrow.

Believe it or not, driving without a steering wheel almost became a thing.

I would totally do that, but have a secondary, smaller steering wheel mounted on the column further down, so i could steer with my knees without anyone else seeing. Which is how I frequently drive anyways (on a normal steering wheel)
2013-10-03 04:53:46 AM  

Uranus Is Huge!: phunkey_monkey: Poetic justice--Got to love it!!!

/Signs two final pay checks for two employees who failed a drug test.
//Relishing the thought that they will not be eligible for unemployment.
///Rewards the snitch with two paid days off.
////Smoking weed on my dime, that's a firing!

8/10 - I've missed quality trolling around here lately. Thanks for bringing back the sexy.

Why 8? That was pretty weak. I'm a pretty solid smoker, but even I had a rule that I didn't blaze at work (or within 2 1/2 hours of going to work). Slightly different now that I work from home, and weed makes the job goes quicker.

/got higher smoking a damn cigarette anyway. Boss noticed.
//"Had a cigarette. Nicotine made me weird." He laughed.
///loved the job, but PTSD is a biatch

Also, a mechanic's job I got a few years back tested pre-employment. I chose to be straight with the hiring manager; yes I would test positive for THC, yes I could stop smoking immediately (okay that was a lie, but we both knew it), and he said whatever, he cared more about coke and heroin and meth. I know I pissed dirty, but I was still allowed to report to work the next week.

/lost that job when she blew out her knee during a martial arts test. You'll never hear her criticize football players again.
2013-10-03 08:22:40 AM  
1120 pounds killed him?

2013-10-03 10:05:12 AM  

buckler: After refusing to stop at a Federal Highway Patrol block, the driver lead cops on a three mile chase...

It's "led", you idiots. "lead" is a metal.

/pet peave.

Led can also be metal...

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2013-10-03 11:32:18 AM  

jshine: Bacontastesgood: Anybody see the documentary "Addiction" produced by HBO?  Actually it was mostly decent, but there was one scene with an ER doc where some guy had just died from a motorbike crash.  He points to the blood test where he has high levels of THC, and says something like "this young man left the house today not thinking it was his last, but then he decided to smoke marijuana and that led to this".  I was like, way to blow your credibility, idiots.  Wow.  He died because somebody ran him down or he sucks at riding, and the blood then left his body rapidly, not because he hit a bong at some point.   I then tried to explain this to the addiction medicine doc who loaned me the DVD, but he wouldn't have any of it.  Nope, died due to MJ.  This is the thinking out there.

I didn't see the documentary, but it doesn't seem to be beyond comprehension that MJ may have affected a driver's reaction time in a way that led to a fatal accident.

Maybe the accident was unavoidable anyway, maybe not, but it certainly seems plausible that MJ could slow reaction time, and that reaction time is a crucial component of good driving.

or he could be like one of my idiot old friends who just HAD to toke while driving
/tinfoil rots the brain
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