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(Wells Journal (UK))   Gardeners dig up 'Sheepotato', the potato that looks uncannily like a sheep   ( divider line
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5085 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Oct 2013 at 8:06 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-10-01 08:08:48 AM  
It's a frog.
2013-10-01 08:11:09 AM  
It's going to be a slow news day............
2013-10-01 08:11:52 AM  
Is it running for Congress?
2013-10-01 08:11:53 AM  
It's worshipped as a fertility goddess in Scotland.
2013-10-01 08:12:02 AM  
Meh, I'll just watch it on Syfy
2013-10-01 08:12:34 AM  
Has Syfy bought the movie rights yet?

Jesus Fish vs. Sheepotato.... Coming this November.
2013-10-01 08:13:49 AM  

apt311: Meh, I'll just watch it on Syfy

/tiny fists!
2013-10-01 08:15:03 AM  
Now if it could just develop it's own flaky crust.
2013-10-01 08:19:36 AM  
Beartato remains unimpressed.
2013-10-01 08:21:26 AM  

foo monkey: Is it running for Congress?

It's polling extremely well in Texas.
2013-10-01 08:23:46 AM  
It's obviously a mouse.
2013-10-01 08:25:10 AM  
Sheep...Lamb of's Jesus, come back as a potato.
2013-10-01 08:25:42 AM  
It's Sheepotatonadogeddon!!
2013-10-01 08:26:57 AM  
♪ One potato, two potato, sheepotato, four...♫
2013-10-01 08:28:33 AM  
Ah, the rare Irishman's TRilemma: eat the potato now, drink it later, or save it for farking.
2013-10-01 08:30:53 AM  
/I da ho
2013-10-01 08:30:59 AM  

Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Ah, the rare Irishman's TRilemma: eat the potato now, drink it later, or save it for farking.

There's been a grain harvest this year. No need to drink it.

/weirdest boner and craving for chips...
2013-10-01 08:40:52 AM  
Way to go Sheeple, look at what you've done.
2013-10-01 08:44:58 AM  
farking site crashes my browser...
2013-10-01 08:47:23 AM  
Why is it up in the trees?
2013-10-01 08:51:54 AM
2013-10-01 09:26:52 AM  
Gardeners dig up Sheepotato...

Big deal, we've seen these Sheep spud combinations for nearly three years now.
2013-10-01 09:31:31 AM  
That's just stupid.  Sorry I clicked.
2013-10-01 09:52:46 AM  
Now they need to grow a farmer to have sex with it.
2013-10-01 09:57:13 AM  
What does Cliff Clavin have to say on the matter?
2013-10-01 10:13:09 AM
2013-10-01 10:26:13 AM  
Dieticians recommend that you do not count sheepotatoes to get to sleep. It can lead to midnight snacking and weight gain.
2013-10-01 10:55:01 AM  
It's Jesus in the ovine stage of his lifecycle.

Baby -> Adult -> Corpse -> Spirit -> Crazy revelation lamb.
2013-10-01 12:04:57 PM  
Didn't they have this in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2?
2013-10-01 12:07:27 PM  
Skeptical potato is skeptical.
2013-10-01 04:34:39 PM  

Yakk: Why is it up in the trees?

A fair question and one that in recent weeks has been very much on my mind. It's my considered opinion that it's nesting.
2013-10-01 04:50:36 PM  
I call sheepnanegans
2013-10-01 07:14:43 PM  
Don't take it to Wales, someone will fark it.
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