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(Engadget)   When your Delta flight crashes, who will be at fault? Microsoft   ( divider line
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2013-09-29 01:55:29 PM  
1 vote:
I am a software / IT guy, and there are simply some places that computers are not the right solution. For example, voting systems, where pencil and paper is perfectly adequate and where it's very hard to make eVoting secure (no current system even gets the basics right). Another example is that paper flight manuals don't blue screen when you need them in an emergency.

For things like ABS where a little software makes things work better, it needs to be embedded firmware, not something with an OS. The space shuttle used a flight computer with a Rockwell 6502 8-bit CPU and 64k of RAM - not fancy, but it's easy for a single human to examine and understand every single line of code at once and how they interact, making bugs very rare.

This issue is not unique to Microsoft, it's simply good common sense.
2013-09-29 08:46:23 AM  
1 vote:

yukichigai: Flint Ironstag: If the end result meets your needs then what's wrong with using third party programms? Does that mean you refuse to use Chrome or Firefox and only use IE that comes with Windows? Or refuse to use PSP and stick with Paint?

None of those things are integrated features of the Operating System itself.  All of the things you have described are things which are accomplished by using separate programs already, even if they are made by the same company and come included with the OS.

But what's the problem? If you can add Photoshop and Chrome etc to make a PC better suited to your needs then why not add something that adds a Start button and Menu?
When using a PC all that matters is that it does what I want and is easy to use.
What's the problem?

If MS tomorrow bought Classic Shell and shipped Windows 8 with it as standard would that be better? What is the difference? The end result is the same. It works the same. It has the same features.

This is like a comment in a property thread on fark I was reading yesterday about someone whose wife rejected a house that was a great deal just because the rooms were painted garish colours. The fact that the house was otherwise perfect and that the colours problem could be fixed in a day with $100 worth of paint just didn't occur to her.

Again, if you're happy with W7 then great. But if you actually want to upgrade to 8 but are refusing to do so because of an issue that you know can be removed in a couple of minutes at no cost just seems odd.

Look, if the stereo my car comes with is crap, replacing it is hardly unexpected.  But if the next edition of my car comes with a flight stick instead of a steering wheel, why am I looked at funny when I say I want to look at a different model of car?

What if the stereo is fantastic but the speakers are crap? Wouldn't the logical solution be to keep the stereo and replace the speakers?
Again with component hifi that was the whole point. You could pick and choose what brand and model of each component you wanted to suit your preference.
2013-09-29 08:19:43 AM  
1 vote:

yukichigai: And yes, I know that a free third-party program would fix all of this, but if an OS is so messed up that just to use its basic interface adequately I need a third party program, I start to seriously question why I'm using it.

If the end result meets your needs then what's wrong with using third party programms? Does that mean you refuse to use Chrome or Firefox and only use IE that comes with Windows? Or refuse to use PSP and stick with Paint?
The best part of PCs is that they are modular, I replaced my video card with a dual monitor card for example because I wanted dual monitors (a feature W8 supports better than earlier versions). What's wrong with doing the same with the OS?
If you're happy with 7 then stick with it. But if you want to upgrade and think 8 would offer advantages but are refusing to upgrade simply because you don't like a feature that you know can be easily fixed then isn't that cutting your nose off to spite your face?
2013-09-28 06:24:21 PM  
1 vote:
If a Delta plane or any plane crashes, I'm going to think it's pilot error, faulty maintenance, or something along those lines.  Not because the airline company used a Windows Surface 2.
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