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(WorldNetDaily)   In Soviet America, banks rob YOU   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely, Americans, medium-sized business  
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2013-09-28 08:21:38 PM  

Ricardo Klement: abb3w: Sigh. It's discussing the "confiscation" of deposits over 100k euro -- which is what happens when a bank ha. Deposits below the "insured" threshold are safe, but anyone with any holdings over that threshold -- including the bank's primary depositors -- may get back parts-per-thousand on the above-threshold money, if anything.

This is pretty much what has happened in every FDIC insured bank collapse since the 1930s.

I've always wondered how fast someone who wins one of those super-lotteries can move that stash from his bank to a regular investment and how much cash a bank will let you pull out. I mean, it's not like I can deposit the state's $400m check and pull that cash out next week all at once. Not unless the bank makes some serious uber-arrangements. (Not that I would WANT to - I'm just wondering what the limits are.)

Well I guess that depends on how good your money manager is.  Frankly I'd never have an account over an insured threshold.  Simply start more accounts for different uses and anything beyond day to day living expenses...long therm living, funds for bulk purchases (real estate and the like) I would have in bonds, equities and some small portion traded on commodities.  So yes buy gold at least as a long term silver...copper...and always do your financial homework.

Oh and probably bury like at least 1 million dollars in the woods somewhere *just in case* (if I was one of those lottery winners).
2013-09-29 04:01:34 PM  
With saving interest rates so low, what is the point of saving it.

/Better off using it for mattress stuffing.
//Probably makes the bed better to sleep in
///You know where the money is, at least.
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