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(KSPR Springfield)   Hysterically screaming at an EMT to save your daughter? That's a pepper spraying and arrest   (kspr.com) divider line 156
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2013-09-29 12:11:39 AM

bborchar: fluffy2097: IlGreven: Oh, I bet you'd be fun at the IPCC...

The daughter shot herself in the head with a gun. There is no possible way she was aware of the universe even existing milliseconds after pulling that trigger. She was dead when the family found her She was dead when EMT's arrived, she was dead when the family assaulted the EMT, she was dead when she fell off the gurney.

Sit the fark down and let emergency workers do their job.

/she was probably molested by her father or brother anyways leading to the suicide to begin with.
//Life is horrible. welcome to it.

Wow, that's an insane and completely basis accusation to make. Are all teenagers that kill themselves molested by their fathers and brothers? Because that would be the only way to come to your conclusion based on the simple fact that a teenager killed herself.

You know how thieves think everyone steals?
2013-09-29 12:17:31 AM
While I sympathize with a man whose daughter just shot herself in the head, I am disturbed by the reporter's lack of bias in this article. If an (understandably) irrational man burst into an ER making demands and screaming, keeping the med professionals from doing their jobs, would it not be reasonable for hospital security to remove him from the ER by whatever means was most expedient? Why would that be different in the field? 

People seem to jump to the conclusion that cops are bad. Some are, for sure, but who of the judgmental crowd have the guts to assess a situation and act in the best interest of public safety with seconds to decide? Respect the rights of the father who is basically insane at the time, or intervene to let the EMTs try to save her? Not a job I would want.

There are plenty of cases of police misconduct. I don't think this is one.
2013-09-29 12:23:39 AM

cretinbob: Oh yeah......

I'm a paramedic and I'm getting a kick from some of these replies......

I kicked a paramedic in the teeth once while being strapped to a gurney. I don't actually remember the incident but my family gave a fairly spooked retelling when I regained consciousness.
2013-09-29 12:31:35 AM
MycroftHolmes:  potato-like typing detected

'If A then B' does not equal 'if not A then not B.' Logic does not, in fact, 'go like' your example.

You appear to be a potato.  I'm unequipped to spar with root vegetables.  Yam away all you want, but I canna continue.

/beets it

2013-09-29 12:37:51 AM

firefly212: Eh, I've seen scenes where people are pretty hysterical and out of control b/c a loved one is in medical distress. As a cop, I can see using some level of force to ensure that the EMT is able to do their job, and I'm also ok with taking someone to jail to let them cool off a bit before attending to the person who will hopefully be at the hospital. Having that person interfere with care for their loved one, ride in the ambulance, or just get in the way at the ER isn't really an option, and care of the patient needs to be the priority.  The charges are effectively a way to ensure that you don't get hit with a false arrest lawsuit, but basically some minor thing that even if the prosecutor doesn't elect to go after, ensure the person has some chill time before returning to society at large.

gaming the system in order to provide myself an advantage that non-police don't have, to the detriment of "little people".
2013-09-29 02:41:32 PM

psychopathic tendencies: Semantic Warrior: psychopathic tendencies: Semantic Warrior: psychopathic tendencies: There is nothing on earth that would cause me to believe a man needed pepper sprayed, arrested and criminally charged for being hysterical as his child's body and brains slide off a gurney. Nothing.

Unless his hysterics preempted and possibly caused the sliding off, and/or  his child had been shot without positive proof that it was self inflicted.  As I stated earlier, nothing in the article presented the fate of the firearm used, so yeah, if I was a cop (when I was an EMT) you better believe that not knowing exactly where it was would compromise the safety of the scene.

There is nothing on earth that would cause me to believe a man needed pepper sprayed, arrested and criminally charged for being hysterical as his child's body and brains slide off a gurney he carries his child's body and brains to a gurney. Nothing.

That might serve my point better. The real issue I have is again in bold.

Without any statement from the police department, however, we only have this guy's version of events.  Most likely the father has omitted some details.  Reading the story only mentions the son was pepper sprayed first, but the way it's written, I could infer he (the son) was just standing there while his father was being hysterical and the police arrived on scene, immediately sprayed the son, then went for the father.  I doubt that's what happened.

I agree. What I take umbrage with is the 3.5 hour detainment of both parties and the subsequent criminal charges. The cop may have been perfect on the bars, but he borked the dismount.

Maybe both the father and son were hysterical for 3.49 hours, and at 3.5 hours they calmed down and the police immediately released them. However, I doubt that is the case either.

They weren't placed into protective custody because of their hysteria, they were arrested because of their actions warranted criminal charges (charges isn't conviction, the cops did their job, now the court will do its job).  Not sure how long they were hysterical for comes into play. If they father and son want to try to beat the charges due to emotional distress, that's their choice, but again, that falls to the realm of the court, not the police department.

Lydia_C: "I remember saying, 'Oh my God.'  I threw my phone down while I was on with 911 and I ran to her.  I checked for a pulse but didn't feel a pulse and there was just a little mark, I really couldn't tell, the back of her head," he said of the wound. "And I looked into her eyes and her eyes were halfway open like she was sleeping with her eyes open."

Wait, so she shot herself in the back of the head?
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